[INTERVIEW] 120615 Kim Junsu, listening to my favorite music and singing as much as I like….such a perfect genre like this exists?

■ Star relay interview to celebrate 9th anniversary of FOCUS – National musical actor’ Kim Junsu

This is the 9th year FOCUS has been together with the nation.
We couldn’t have come this far without the encouragement from everyone.
Also, many ‘national stars’ who have been together with FOCUS throughout these years sent their congratulations message and expressed their faith in the ‘national newspaper’ – FOCUS.

Let’s meet our third guest, JYJ Kim Junsu who is soaring high as a ‘national musical actor’.

Not being satisfied with what he has accomplished, he continously makes efforts and seeks for new challenges in order to improve himself. He has told us his own story.

Editor’s commentary

I chose ‘Tears of heaven’ because I like its music
The character of my life is ‘Mozart’
“Musical gives me endless inspiration.
It influenced my solo album a lot”

Now the title ‘musical actor’ is not awkward for him anymore. At first, despite not knowing even the smallest thing in the musical world, he jumped into it but the more he immerses himself in musical, the more he falls under its charms. In his very first exclusive concert held after the release of his solo album, he also sang ‘The last dance’ from the musical ‘Elisabeth’, ‘I am I am music’ and ‘Why can’t you love me’ from ‘Mozart’. It was not the first or second time that he choked up over the deep emotion in his heart when he sang those songs.

He could have comfortably enjoyed the title ‘Best idol star’ but the singer and musical actor Kim Junsu takes delight in ‘challenges’. To him, musical is another beginning, another stage where he uncovers his own song.

“How can a genre be so perfect like this? I have lived the lives of many characters while listening and singing to the music I like. Also, I am able to convey the emotions to the audience. Plus, the genuine love and passion of all actors and staff for the musical stage is really wonderful. Musical is indeed fantastic.”

It was not an easy path at all. At that time, the prejudice about idols who played in musicals was big and the dispute with his previous agency also made him suffer a lot. It would have been unsurprising if he refused the proposal.

“The burden was so big. I thought to myself that there was no way I could do it. However, after listening to the songs of ‘Mozart’, I really like its music. There were some parts of the story and song lyrics I can relate to the situation at that time so while acting, I got hooked on my character even more.”

The musical ‘Mozart’ represents him so well that even a new word ‘Xiahzart’ (Xiah + Mozart) was formed. Then, in ‘Tears of heaven’ which he chose because of its beautiful music, he shed a lot of tears while conveying the sadness of his character who has to part away with his lover. Also, he will never for get the transcendent ‘Death’ which he has portrayed charmingly in ‘Elisabeth’. We asked him to pick the best character of his life among those he has acted in musicals so far.

“Musical gives me endless inspirations. While the instant reaction of the audience when I am standing on stage as a singer gives me strength and excitement, musicals have taught me to get hold of the reaction of many different audiences days by days so that I can improve myself more in the next performance. This time, my solo album was also influenced a lot by musicals.”

Successfully transformed himself from idol singer to a musical actor, he is now waiting for another challenge. He is taking a lot of interest in becoming a producer or participating in OST. Once he starts doing something, he always has to carry it though till the end. With such determined personality, he is not afraid of challenges from other fields. He is willing to taste the bitterness ten times in order to enjoy the sweet taste once.

“I think a ‘challenge’ means not satisfying with what was accomplished and striving continuously to show a better side. It’s still too early for me to be a producer but when I have enough ability to handle that job, I definitely want to try it. Also, I like the fact that I can deliver many different feelings to the production through its OST. I think that rather than dreaming about what I can’t have, I appeciate what I have right now and naturally, I will be happy. As I am really happy at the moment, I want to try a new challenge.”

Is Kim Junsu a soccer player?

Kim Junsu’s brain map is simple. Music occupies 50% of it, 50% remained is for soccer. Whenever he does works related to music, 100% of his mind is for music but on soccer field, he is focus 100% in only soccer. He loves soccer as much as he loves music.

“You probably know about this but I am currently in the soccer team of entertainers FC MEN. I really like soccer. The routine of meeting my close friends, talking with them and playing soccer together to release stress is really precious to me. In the past, I didn’t even have time for a cup of tea with my friend. I was in a vicious circle of working and working. Now when I have hard time, I find my own peace from my daily routine.”

Note: Junsu’s sign for FOCUS says ‘Congratulations to FOCUS’s 9th anniversary. Musical actor Kim Junsu.


Source: The Daily FOCUS
Translated by: SweetieXiah of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3
Please do not add to, alter or remove the credits.

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