JYJ Members Exchange Lovey-Dovey Texts

Whoever said men are stone cold beings who don’t know how to express their feelings haven’t met the JYJ members, because they certainly aren’t shy about expressing their affections for one another.

JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong tweeted a screen capture on June 15 of the texts he exchanged with fellow member Park Yoo Chun along with the message, “I looked through the texts with the other members, and they’re a little goose bump-raising… [What is this] between men… Oh! I suddenly feel strengthened! Let’s be strong today too!”

The screen capture displays a sweet text Jae Joong sent to Yoo Chun on March 14, the day Yoo Chun’s father passed away, stating, “I wanted to stay up with you. I wanted to cry with you more. I’m sorry. I love you.”

On June 15, member Kim Junsu, who recently kicked off his solo activities, also tweeted a screen capture of a series of texts Jae Joong sent him, of Jae Joong complimenting him on his new music video.

Junsu tweeted, “The text I received at dawn yesterday morning…He must be all out of sorts and busy with his drama and movie filming…The nice Jae Joong hyung who still monitors [my activities] and contacts me late at night.”

Jae Joong had texted Junsu the message, “Junsu, I watched the dance version of your music video yesterday. It’s amazing. I’ve been up all night and now I’m in the motel room in awe.”

Please join us as we say ′awwww.′

Photo credit: Kim Jae Joong’s and Kim Junsu’s Twitters
Credit: Enewsworld
Shared By: JYJ3

Read the conversations here: Link1Link 2

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