JYJ’s Kim Jun Su reveals his happiness, “I’m so lucky to be in the same team with you.”

JYJ’s Jun Su has recently shown his gratitude toward the other members of the group.

On the afternoon of June 15, Kim Jun Su uploaded a captured image of a Kakao Talk chat and commented: “This is a text message that I received in the early morning yesterday… Jae Joong Hyung surely must be busy with the shooting of movies and series, but he remembered to monitor my series and contacted me.”

Kim Jae Joong posted on Kakao Talk, “Hey Jun Su, I saw your dance video! It’s amazing! I stayed up all night, and I’m watching it in a motel.” The movie that Kim Jae Joong is talking about is the choreography video of Xia’s Tarantallegra. Kim Jun Su thanked Jae Joong about his compliment, but Kim Jae Joong once again complimented by saying, “It really was cool.”

Kim Jun Su also posted, “Not only that, I want to thank Yoo Chun for always promoting my album and complimenting it even during his own interview. I’m so lucky to be in the same team with you.”

Netizens commented: “It’s so heartwarming.” “All JYJ members are trying their best in their own ways.” “Cheer up everyone!”

Source: TV Report
Credit: En.korea
Shared by: JYJ3 

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