JYJ’s Junsu Drives Indonesia Wild!


On June 16th, Junsu captured and mesmerized 3,500 Indonesian fans during his “Xia 1st Asia Tour in Indonesia” concert at the Mangga Square in Jakarta, Indonesia.

During the two-hour event, Junsu rocked out various genres of music and hit songs including his title track “Tarantallegra,” “Breath,” “Fever,” and “Set Me Free.”

Regarding his first solo concert in Indonesia, Junsu stated, “I cannot believe I’m performing here in Indonesia. To have a successful concert in a foreign country that I have never visited is all because of my dedicated and wonderful fans. I promise to return with a better concert!”

Indonesia’s largest newspaper Kompas, Jakarta Post praised Junsu for his unconventional aesthetics as well as his flawless performance skills.

CJeS Entertainment stated, “This Asia tour was a perfect way to show Junsu’s international fans his high level performances. His concerts in Thailand and Indonesia was a great success. We look forward to rest of his tour.”

Meanwhile, Junsu will have his concert in Taiwan on June 23rd.

Credit: Billboard Korea
Shared By: JYJ3

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