[NEWS] 120618 Kim Jaejoong’s Joseon-Man Love Confession, Makes Girls’ Hearts Flutter‏

In the broadcast of MBC ‘Dr Jin’ 8th episode on the 17th June, Kim Kyung Tak (Kim Jaejoong) met up with Hong Young Rae (Park Young Min) and expressed his wish to fasten the marriage procedures.

Upon sensing Young Rae’s seemingly unhappiness, Kim Kyung Tak brought Hong Young Rae to the place where they had fond memories, together with Hong Young Rae’s brother Hong Young Hwi (Jin Yi Han) when they were young. After a sword match defeat with Hong Young Hwi, he practiced his swordsmanship whole day and carved Young Rae’s name on a stone. Then, he sincerely confessed, “I will always be waiting. Waiting for my lady to come to me. Please come to my side.”

When Kim Kyung Tak and Hong Young Hwi were drinking alcohol, he vowed to protect Hong Young Rae with his life. Under Hong Young Hwi’s final request, he expressed that “If I would have to die to save my lady, then I will die. Or if my lady has to die for the sake of my living, then I will die as well”, showing his strong will.

Upon hearing the news of Hong Young Rae’s severe injuries due to an accident, he rushed over immediately and teared, showing his deep love for her.

After the broadcast, netizens commented, “The love confession of a Joseon man, even a 21st century woman like me is unable to resist it.”, “If it was that kind of proposal, I don’t mind getting married 100 times.”, “He is going to show his strong manliness now.” etc.

Kim Jaejoong expressed his thoughts, “Due to the status as a concubine’s son, thus Kyung Tak has to live carefully due to restraints. This is the first time he expressed his wants.” and “I am also anticipating what Kyung Tak is going to present in the future. Please continue to observe.”

Source: Newsen via Nate + kimjaejoongbar
Trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun
Shared By: JYJ3

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