[NEWS] 120619 ‘Time Slip Dr. Jin’ Kim Jaejoong Vs. Song Seung Hun!

On the 8th episode of MBC drama “Time Slip Dr. Jin” that was aired on June 17, featured Hong Young Rae (Park Min Young) running into the fire to get penicillin. Young Rae was only able to get a small amount of penicillin and received burns on her shoulder that put her life in danger.

The penicillin that Young Rae brought was taken to Mrs. Jo (Jang Young Nam) at the order of Jin Hyuk (Song seung Hun). Jin Hyuk believed that Mrs. Jo’s life was in more danger than Young Rae’s. However, Young Rae was in just as much danger to the point where she could lose her life if she didn’t receive any penicillin.

While waiting for Young Rae’s recovery, Doctor Huh brings penicillin. Doctor Huh had illegally sold the penicillin but brought it back for Young Rae. Doctor Huh says, “I have nothing to say even if I had 10 mouths. I’m sorry” and begged for forgiveness.

Young Rae finally receives the penicillin and survives from her injuries. Kim Kyung Tak (JYJ‘s Kim Jaejoong) tells his rival Jin Hyuk, “Thank you for saving her life. I almost lost the most important person in my life. We’ll become married as soon as she recovers. There should never be something like this again in the future.”

Kim Kyung Tak continues, “Don’t show up in front of her again. You have been saving the people I love but from a different perspective, you could be the blame for putting them in danger. If you really care about her, disappear forever. You asked me if I could make her happy. Don’t worry. Whatever it takes, I will make her happy.”

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