Kim Jae Joong′s Hands Take Rough Beating on ′Dr. Jin′

Kim Jae Joong showed just how much passion burns inside him for his drama role.

On June 23, Kim Jae Joong tweeted, ′What do you think of my hands being this red′ along with a photo that showed his roughened hands.


While the rest of his arms were still fairly pale, only his hands had been baked red from the practice action sessions that took place under the hot sun. The action scene that aired on the June 23 broadcast of MBC′s Dr. Jin, however, showed that the effort did indeed pay off.

Netizens who saw the photo left comments such as, ′Put some sunscreen on your hands! You′ll hurt your white skin,′ ′His veins are so cool′ and ′Today′s broadcast was great.′

Kim Kyung Tak’s (Kim Jae Joong) marriage with Hong Young Rae (Park Min Young) was rejected on the day′s episode of Dr. Jin.

Photo credit: MBC, Kim Jae Joong′s Twitter
Credit: enewsworld

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