Kim Junsu concludes a successful concert in Taiwan

Singer Kim Junsu‘s news of a successful concert was relayed by his agency CJeS Entertainment on the 24th.

According to CJeS Entertainment the latest concert was held at the gymnasium in National Taiwan University and 3600 concertgoers cheered for Kim Junsu.

CJeS announced, “The fans cheered for him for all 90 minutes of the concert. During the concert the fans continuously shouted ‘XIA, Junsu, and oppa’ and they didn’t stop cheering for him. Some of the fans didn’t even need translation as they replied to what Kim Junsu was saying before the translator had the chance to translate.”

Continuing, “Kim Junsu sang ballad songs, the songs from his musical, and dance songs all 100% live. During his ballad song performance there were fans who shed tears moved by the performance.”

Kim Junsu stated at the concert, “It’s been a long time since I’ve been to Taiwan, I thank you for giving me so much love. I was very nervous preparing my latest album, but now that I’m able to meet you the fans and also hold a concert like this, I think I made the right decision. I go back having made lots of good memories. As JYJ or as XIA, I will definitely come back to Taiwan again.”

A concert crew stated, “When he was finished singing the last song we couldn’t hear what were said over the two-way radio because the fans cheered so loudly for an encore song. The last song he performed ‘A Tree Covered In Dew’ was sang in chorus with the Taiwanese fans and it was incredible how the fans knew the lyrics and the pronunciation perfectly.”

Kim Junsu is currently on an Asian Tour after having released his solo album recently. He drew 26,000 concertgoers so far in countries include Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, and Taiwan. The 5th country on the tour list is China and he’ll be holding a concert in Shanghai on July 7th.

Source: OSEN via Nate
 Credit: Kpopfever

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