JYJ Huge Fan service… Japanese fans “Thrill and tears”


Tears of the Japanese fans, who participated in the 2012 JYJ Membership Week that is held from the 28th to the 1st of next month at SETEC, could be seen.

2012 JYJ Membership Week is a large-scale fan service project with a 3.7 billion won budget by CJES Entertainment for their members.

For an Expo that is like no other, CJES entertainment spent 4 months to prepare for the event by combining state-of-the-art programs with JYJ content. Also, there was no commercial intent as admission was free to fans with things like water, fans, popcorn and etc provided. 10 photo sticker machines were also placed. It was literally a big fan service.

This large-scale Membership Week event is the first fan expo in the country and it has become a huge topic as it is expected to bring 7024 Japanese fans in. On the 28th and 29th, Japanese fans flew in from 14 airports and have started flocking to the exhibition this afternoon. Photos of JYJ and 3D images as well as space displaying personal items gained explosive reactions and cheers of joy from fans who entered the exhibition.

Utaka Kimie (49 years old) said, “This is an event that you cannot find in Japan. I’m touched by the huge effort that was put in. Even though we are unable to see JYJ in Japan often, I am extremely grateful with such an event.”

Miyakawa Eri (28 years old) expressed, “I was surprised that everything is free and I felt like this was a huge present. I think I am going to love JYJ forever.”

This expo is expected to be visited by 15,000 fans in Korea. At the opening of the expo yesterday, Korean members expressed, “I am proud to be a JYJ fan. To not have commercial interest and have a large-scale exhibition purely to see JYJ is really like a dream,” and “Even though it is difficult to see JYJ on broadcasting channels, it is really good to be able to see them at the gallery and theatre here at this expo and I feel that it is precious.”

On Saturday, 30th of June and Sunday, 1st of July, JYJ plans to have an enjoyable fan meeting event with their fans.

Source:  Dailian
Translated By: @_alovelikewar
Shared By: JYJ3

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