JYJ Draws Energy from the 22,000 Fans Who Attended ‘Membership Week’

JYJ managed to draw 22,000 fans and a record-breaking number of foreign fans to its four-day fan event.

JYJ held its 2012 JYJ Membership Week from June 28 to July 1 at Seoul’s EC.


C-JeS Entertainment rented out EC exclusively for JYJ Membership Week, and set up a large exhibition with such state of the art displays as a JYJ collaboration gallery, a JYJ documentary theater and a 3D façade.

On June 30 and July 1, the JYJ members themselves appeared at the scene for a fanmeeting to bring the exhibition to a successful close. It was a giant fan festival that had on display everything there was to know about JYJ.

Baek Chang Joo, head of C-JeS Entertainment, told enews on July 2, “We can’t stop just because we’re hindered and stopped from appearing on broadcast. We’ve concentrated on helping JYJ become bigger in the world through dramas or musicals and the group’s world tour. We also need to work hard to approach the group’s fans more sincerely. We’ll continue to heighten JYJ’s value by providing unique service to fans through a variety of content.”

JYJ thus spent a great couple of days with its fans for this purpose. The group’s special performance drew the group and its fans closer together.

The members said, “We’re happy that our fans look happy thanks to Membership Week, and we hope we can make more great memories with our fans in the future. We’ll continue to deliver to you good music and good performances as JYJ.”

“We want to say thank you because we always receive positive energy from our fans’ support. We’ll repay you for your love with our hard work and many activities,” added the group.


The Membership Week event was Korea’s first fan exhibition, and, according to C-JeS Entertainment, drew 7,024 Japanese fans to Korea.

An agency rep stated, “An official from the airport said that it ‘drew the largest number of foreigners to the country for just one event,’ and the tourism industry agrees that ‘the economic effects from the foreigners that entered the country for Membership Week amount to more than 10 billion won.’”

[Note: 10 billion South Korean Won equals to roughly ~8.7 million USD]

Photo credit: C-JeS Entertainment
Credit: enewsworld

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