MTV Taiwan: Junsu’s Solo Concert, Press Conference, and Fan Support

[Summary of Conference + Fan Interviews]

JYJ’s Junsu came to Taiwan by himself to hold his solo concert, and he appeared with platinum silver hair for the conference. He even showed a bit of Chinese by saying “Hi everyone, I’m Xia Junsu.” Junsu who missed Taiwanese cuisines very much exclaimed “Great!” in Chinese when he tried steamed buns, pineapple cakes, bubble tea and fried chicken.

The host joked that the album title “Tarantallegra” is really difficult to pronouce and even dared Junsu to say it himself. When explaining the meaning behind the title, Junsu said: “The word is a spell that makes a person dance very quickly. The meaning of such title means that I’ve cast such a spell on the audience.”During the conference, Junsu and the host talked about his work a lot. Regarding his female image in the music video, Junsu even said that he thinks he looked fairly beautiful: “To be honest, when I first decided to dress up as a woman, I was very worried. I was considering whether if I should make myself look extremely feminine, but at the same time, I was concerned that it may bring some discomfort for the audience. So, in my opinion, the staff put in a lot of effort to make me look more feminine but not awkward, which made the process not feel terrible. In all honestly, it was much better than I thought.”When talking about his revealing outfits and displaying his body during the music video, Junsu commented,”I actually have never had this kind of filming before. And honestly, that set of clothes had its top closed originally, but it became way too warm after a couple rounds of filming, so I opened it when watching the filmmed portions. Then the director saw me, and asked whether if I’d be willing to film with the top unzipped. But the problem is that I never really exercised regularly, so I was really worried about whether if I should expose my torso or not. But after some trial filming, it turned out to be okay.”

Junsu also said that he has felt lonely sometimes during his solo activities, but he is still adjusting, “Of course, when I’m alone in the hotel, I would feel a bit bored rather than lonely since the members couldn’t come. We usually play together when we are in hotels, but personally speaking, being alone also gives me time for myself to listen to songs and ponder.” Walking firmly towards his ideology in music, Junsu came to Taiwan to hold his solo tour. Not only did the tickets sell out in one hour, he also attracted over 300 fans to welcome him at the airport. In addition, there were also fans from other nations coming to Taiwan to support Junsu:

“I really like JYJ’s Junsu. This (holding a ice cream cone made from fabric) is the support goods I made myself. Recently Junsu lost a lot of weight, and I felt he was working very hard, so I made decores that looked like desserts for him.”
– Sayumi from Japan

“Oppa, saranghaeyo~”
“Xia Junsu, Fighting!!”

The fans prepared things such as Polaroids for fellow fans to take and sent the pictures to Junsu collectively afterwards. In addition, the fans organized support chants and flowers in hopes for Junsu to take care of himself and to gain back all the weight he lost. During the concert, Junsu greeted the fans in Chinese, saying “Hi everyone, I’m Xia, long time no see”. Seeing fans screamed at his every word, Junsu laughed and said in Chinese “I miss you all so much!” which instigated another wave of response; laughing, Junsu replied “Thank you!” in Chinese.

Video Credit: CSJYJ02
Translation Credit: g.fanns of JYJ3
Shared By: JYJ3

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