‘Time Slip Dr. Jin’ JYJ Kim Jaejoong Bloopers Revealed!


On July 1st, an MBC morning show called “Happy Time” featured a special on their show which revealed the bloopers from the MBC drama “Time Slip Dr. Jin”. In the bloopers, K-Pop idol group JYJ member Kim Jaejoong’s adorable mistakes can be seen as well as actor Lee Jong Won dying from laughter during filming.

One of the bloopers reveal the actors of “Time Slip Dr. Jin” filming the scene where Kim Kyung Tak (Kim Jaejoong) decides to move on instead of holding on grudge on Young Rae (Park Min Young). Kyung Tak was supposed to leave on his horse but even after a long wait, his horse wasn’t moving. Turns out, Jaejoong couldn’t reach the saddle so he was squirming his body to reach it and almost fell off.

When Kim Jaejoong’s saddle was corrected, he had to smoothly exit the scene on his horse. Even then, a problem occured when his head garment got caught in a tree branch. Ashamed of his mistakes, Kim Jaejoong laughs shyly and apologizes.

Meanwhile, MBC’s “Time Slip Dr. Jin” features a story of a genius doctor from the 21st century who becomes time warped into the Chosun Dynasty in the 1860s. The drama contains an impressive storyline with an interesting mix of current medicine combined with traditional medicine of the Chosun Dynasty.

—– VIDEO —–

Credit: KpopStarz
Video Credit: JJYCJS2
Shared by: JYJ3

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