‘Dr. Jin’ Kim Jaejoong, secret to acting is ‘tearful eyes’?


He entered hurriedly. The man who apologized several times and sat down was actor Kim Jaejoong. He is the JYJ member who is acting as an upright military officer, Kim Kyung Tak in MBC’s Dr Jin.

In the afternoon of Jul. 5, a press conference for MBC’s Dr Jin was held in Iljuk-myeon, Anseong-si, Gyeonggi-do. Even though filming was behind schedule and Kim Jaejoong was about 30 minutes late, we could see his look as he answered questions in the remaining time.

Kim Jaejoong “Ji Sung? Jin Yi Han? I like the both of them… Are there any other questions?”

Comparing to the usual actor, the time that Kim Jaejoong has with a horse is as much as the time he acts as a military officer in the drama. Kim Jaejoong said, “There are about one or two horses. As I rode on the same horse continuously, I became fond of it.” Hence, there was a buzz that he even rode the horse during the break and showed warm-hearted affection for it. When asked about the charm of horse riding, he smiled and said, “When it is cold, I feel warm thanks to the body temperature of the horse. When it is hot, it is cooling because of the wind.”

On receiving favourable comments about his stable performance in his first historical drama challenge, Kim Jaejoong said shyly, “It’s all thanks to the screenwriter and director. I’ve watched all the JYJ members act and I think I’m still ranked the last in acting. Even though my acting ability is lacking, I think I can still concentrate on acting the character. The viewers seem to be able to understand the character well and I want to thank them.”

However, he also depended on the know-how. He said, “In the beginning of the drama, the director frequently told me to show sadness in my eyes even when I’m smiling. Recently, I’ve been keeping his advice in mind and I’m trying my best in portraying tearful eyes during sad scenes.”

Kim Jaejoong has also become closer to his actor colleagues and is enjoying himself during filming. Most notably, he is close to actor Jin Yi Han who acts as his close friend, Hong Yong Hwi in the drama. Kim Jaejoong said, “We are originally close to each other, but we’ve grown closer because there are many scenes where we’ve to appear together. Even though he is eight years older than me, he treats me comfortably like a friend and we contact each other often.”

When asked candidly to choose who does he like better – SBS’s Protect the Boss’s Ji Sung or Jin Yi Han, he evoked laughter from the audience by saying, “I like them both…This is a tricky question. Are there any other questions?”


Lee Bumsoo “I want to give Kim Jaejoong a high score in acting”

Kim Jaejoong’s senior actors have given him a pass for his acting ability. Actor Lee Bumsoo said, “He sincerely wants to express the scenes that he is given. To concentrate on reaching his goal, he watches the actor’s acting and reacts to it. I think this is how actors learn from each other. I want to give Kim Jaejoong a high score in acting.”

This was his reason – “When Kim Jaejoong-ssi acts, it’s nice to see how he ‘feels’. He acts with his sincere feelings. He tries hard to convey [the character’s feelings] and focus on it.” Lee Bumsoo said, “It is good to see him concentrating and working hard to convey the feelings. I look forward to the scenes we have together.”

Lee Bumsoo said, “Kim Jaejoong’s fans expressed their dismay that if the number of fans I have increases, the number of Kim Kyung Tak’s fans will decrease. I want to let them know that the number of fans I have has nothing to do with the number of Kim Jaejoong’s fans.” The people in the hall laughed. Kim Jaejoong replied tactfully, “I want to say that the number of fans that I have is unrelated to Lee Bumsoo sunbae’s number of fans.”

Lastly, Kim Jaejoong expressed his resolution to finish filming the remaining episodes of Dr Jin. He said, “Kim Kyung Tak may be a heart-wrenching and foolish character to viewers, but he’s only trying to protect his own belief. I think you’ll see his pain if you only look at the surrounding situation.” He also asked for the viewers’ interest and said, “During the times when he is protecting his belief, instead of feeling sad for Kyung Tak, believe that he’ll become stronger.”

Source: ohmynews
Translated by: Shermin of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3
Please do not remove the credits.

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