‘Dr.Jin’ Kim Jaejoong, heart-warming officer who is willing to lay down for the love of a woman

Singer, actor Kim Jaejoong has become the magnanimous man.

In episode 14 of MBC’s weekend drama ‘Dr.Jin’, we can see the ‘magnanimous love’ that Kim Kyungtak has for Youngrae.

Kyung invited Jin Hyuk and other doctors of the clinic to his wedding ceremony. He wanted to make Youngrae, who was in pain of her brother’s death and of her broken medicine dream, feel happy.

But then, aware that Youngrae possibly had breast cancer, he told Youngrae, “To me, your life is more important than this marriage,” and urged her to see Jin Hyuk, his love rival, showing his magnanimous side.

After watching, netizens commented “I knew that Kyungtak was tender but his determination is also strong.” “I also cried with him as his eyes were filled with tears.” “Heart-warming officer who is willing to lay down for the love of a woman.”

Regarding this, Kim Jaejoong said, “Nowadays, I’m so immersed into Kim Kyungtak role that I myself even thought, ‘Right, as long as Youngrae is safe’. As Younghui who was known to be dead is still alive and comeback, interesting stories will unfold. Please look forward to it.”

Source: AsiaToday
Translated by: The_little_pear of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3
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