Kim Junsu, Sexy and Charismatic in Red


Kim Junsu (XIA) has scorched Shanghai red hot.

Kim Junsu arrived at Shanghai Pudong Airport on the 6th to perform on his solo concert. He was greeted by 1000+ fans and roughly about 20 media outlets at the airport. The airport looked packed and for safety reasons Kim Junsu was escorted through the VIP exit, but even then about 30 taxis full of fans went on a chase after Kim Junsu’s vehicle.

Kim Junsu attended a press conference at the InterContinental Hotel right after arriving in Shanghai and there were over 30 media outlets waiting for him at the press conference hall. When Kim Junsu entered the press conference area some male press members could be heard saying, “Is he really a man?”, shocked at Kim Junsu’s red hair color.


Kim Junsu’s flawless live performance continued in Shanghai and he left his fans completely mesmerized. He started the concert with the pimp cane performance for the song ‘Breath’ and continued on with dance tracks ‘Fever’, Intoxication’, and in the latter parts of the concert he sang ballads and a song from his musical.

Kim Junsu’s agency CJeS Entertainment‘s representative stated, “We’re happy to showcase Kim Junsu’s capability through the perfect concerts in Asia. We ask for your continued to interest and love in the future.”

Kim Junsu is currently on an Asia Tour after a successful release of his solo album. So far he drew over 30,000 concertgoers in 5 countries in Asia including Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, and China.


Credit: Kpopfever

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