[FANACCOUNT] 120722 Compilation of Tweets for “Dr. Jin” Kim Jaejoong Fanmeeting


  • The fans are already guided inside the FM place. JJ already entered the place and some fans could see him behind the stage.
  • Reading some tweets, the staff are awefully strict with no pictures, even fans who took out their phone was scolded. and it is starting later than planned, at 7:20pm
  • The MC today is a Japanese lady. There’s an M on Jaejoong’s microphone. He’s in all white


  • JJ is now rehearsing~ fans can hear him! (Source: Rinmaze)
  • Fans were surprised to see bibimbap served at dinner since it’s not in meal pkg. It was JJ’s treat to them~
  • Fans like the venue~ It’s easy to see JJ~ ^^
  • wow, some fan groups still donated rice wreaths for the event~ ^^
  • start-o! omg! hahaha
  • JJ is wearing all-white~
  • singing Living Like a Dream~
  • JJ: I was a little bit hesitant to do a period drama
  • JJ is in high spirits today~
  • JJ: Hope you could watch the episode today, it’s really interesting.
  • Seems like JJ has a cold. get well soon JJ~
  • Confirmed. Dr Jin will have additional two episodes.
  • The MC asked if we will see a Kyungtak bathing scene. JJ laughed and said I don’t have any muscles.
  • JJ: I don’t have any confidence in showing my body. No muscles, just bones.
  • Omg JJ did an oyagi gag hahaha
  • JJ wants to try a King’s role~
  • wow photo taking with 3 lucky fans~
  • Lol they told JJ that Yihan’s nickname is “eyebrows brother” lol
  • Ladies, the tongue has made it’s appearance again~ I hope we get photos of it. lol
  • JJ is directing the photo taking~ JJ’s face is close to the fan~ The fan holds a sword to his neck. so back hug.. acjkdjskjasdaf
  • Q: Why do you love elephants? A: I fell in love with them when I went to Thailand
  • He receives so many elephant toys but his favorite is a small green elephant~
  • Q: when is your most recent kiss? A: do you really want to know? /shy
  • JJ is kinda disoriented in answering the kiss question. He was like nn… ahhh… iyaaa… but….
  • Lol. the last one was with a man and he’s a japanese entertainer and it was during a game. the man is famous so can’t tell. lol
  • JJ: I still prefer singing the most.
  • Q: Work you want to challenge in the future A: I want to try more acting roles and directing.
  • His underwear is also hello kitty. gift from fans. the crowd exploded with kyaaaaa
  • lmao. recent gifts he received from fans: 70% hello kitty 30% elephants. lol
  • JJ: I don’t consider creating music as work. It’s a part of me and I will do it as long as I can.
  • JJ’s recent concern is having wrinkles.
  • JJ: I want to drink alcohol. Everyone, let’s go for a drink together~
  • JJ said he’s alright. he had shoulder and neck pains from yesterday
  • JJ: I fell about 4 meters yesterday. Neck and shoulder was impacted and it was sore.
  • and he was all smiles in front of the fans last night. T_T JJ…
  • JJ: I cried privately last night.
  • JJ’s reciting a Japanese poem~Love by Tanikawa Shuntaro
  • He made a mistake in reading the kanji for Jeju but his Japanese profiency is amazing!!!
  • JJ is supposed to have a week-long holiday in Japan after drama ends but since it was extended, then he can’t go anymore.
  • It’s breaktime now. Second part will resume at 8:55 pm KST


  • It has started~  (Source: prettyhirorin)
  • Jaejung appeared~ White T-shirt and white slim pants~ Very cool. (Source: oksumish)
  • Starting with his OST song. (Source: shachong)
  • His hair is tucked behind one ear. It’s a little wavy. (Source: JJ_peace)
  • He’s wearing a black jacket(?) that’s opened at his chest. Wearing a white tee underneath. (Source: shachong)
  • His average sleeping time is 2 hours. (Source: JAE_MIX)
  • HIs high note at the 2nd part of the song was awesome. He laughed when it ended. (Source: ryoJJ)
  • His hat is very heavy so his neck hurts every day. (Source: yuna6002)
  • Talking about filming “Sageuk” and he said he was a little scared. (Source: jeje_reico)
  • He said that he did not get any special advice from Yuchun. XD (Source: shachong)
  • JJ asked his fans to watch Dr Jin today focusing on him. (Source: jeje_reico)
  • Dr Jin has been extended to 22 episodes~ (Source: JJstar_)
  • JJ: Honestly, I don’t have many NGs. Maybe it’s because I’m smart… (Source: shachong)
  • The MC asked if Kyung Tak would have a shower scene. JJ said that recently he doesn’t have confidence in his body so he wouldn’t be able to take his clothes off. (Source: jeje_reico)
  • JJ said that he only has bones left.
  • JJ:Something memorable would be filming crying scenes, it was really tough. Also, horse riding is very difficult. I had to practice for 5 times before filming. (Source: chaehui1226)
  • JJ laughed out loud when he heard people calling Young Hwi “Eyebrows”. (Source: chaehui1226)
  • Three lucky fans get to take picture with Jaejung while he’s wearing Kyung Tak’s costume. (Source: ryoJJ)
  • JJ stuck out his tongue as “fan service” during picture taking. (Source: shachong)
  • During picture taking, JJ placed the sword at fan’s throat and also pretended to stab his sword into the fan’s abdomen. (Source: ryoJJ)
  • Q: No one has given you a real elephant as a present right? JJ: I will decline it. (Source: jeje_reico)
  • Q: When was the last time you kissed? JJ got shy and said: Do you really want to know? (Source: jeje_reico)
  • JJ said that it was a kiss with a guy during a game. A Japanese celebrity  (Source: jeje_reico)
  • JJ’s underwear is also Kitty… (Source: JJstar_)
  • He said he received a lot of Hello Kitty presents lately, even his underwear is Hello Kitty.  (Source: shachong)
  • JJ laughed when fans said they wanted to see his Kitty underwear. (Source: ryoJJ)
  • He said that he has gotten more wrinkles lately. (Source: shachong)
  • He said he can’t wear anything else other than Kitty because 80% of his underwear is Kitty.  (Source: shachong)
  • Q: A recent time you cried? JJ: Yesterday when I was filming the movie, I fell from 4 metres high. The shock to my neck and shoulders was quite painful. (Source: jeje_reico)
  • JJ’s reading a Japanese poem, Love by Takinawa Shuntarou (Source: prettyhirorin)


  • Started! Dr JIN ost Living like a dream now
  • white T-shirt, white skinny pants, and navy blue jacket (Source: oksumish)
  • his hair is a little wavy~(Source: shachong)
  • his mike has shining plate “Jaejoong”
  • JJ: My sleeping time is about 2 hours, and in other times I sleep….(oppa, what do you want to say?lol)
  • JJ: I’m still young.
  • JJ: becuse that KR traditional hat is heavy, I have a pain in my neck a little
  • Today’s JJ is more handsome than cute
  • JJ: I was scared a little(talking about acting in historical drama). and no advices from YC hihi
  • JJ: (the point of today’s Dr.JIN)me. lack of sleep..and don’t NG much because I’m smart hihi
  • JJ’s joke! “uma” ni norunoga “umai”(I’m good at riding on horse) in Japanese, “uma”=horse “umai”=be good at.
  • OMG OMG!! lucky fan can wear his costume!! he wore it today.
  • 3 fans were chosen by lottery. two were in first floor and third was too. so he chose again (so kind)
  • back hug………
  • Q: Why do you like elephants? JJ:since I’ve been to Thailand, fans start to present elephant goods. so I love them little by little
  • JJ: My favorite elephant toy is green small elephant!
  • Q: When did you do kiss the last? JJ:..do you want to know? *shy*
  • LOL he kissed with Japanese friend(boy) in game!
  • JJ: The most attraction (interesting) work for me is singing!
  • JJ: I want to try act and direction more as work. because to sing is not “work” for me, I keep doing
  • JJ: I’ve gotten more wrinkles..around mouth and forehead
  • yesterday, he fell 4 meters. (Source: jeje_reico)
  • he is reading a poem in Japanese about LOVE
  • [trans that poem] Love, easy to say. Love, not difficult to write. Love, everyone knows the feeling.credit: JYJ3

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