JYJ Yoochun, Junsu, Jaejoong, Not Just Idols But Real Actors


JYJ Yuchun, Junsu, Jaejoong are growing rapidly as actors.

JYJ Yuchun, Junsu, Jaejoong are grand idol stars with fandoms all over countries. It’s hard for them to appear on a TV program, but releasing albums and holding concerts in order to frequently meeting with fans.

And now, these guys are starting to expand to drama, musical, movies and other areas. There were some biased opinions regarding their idol occupation. Some people looked at them negatively, saying that they were in leading roles without proving their worth. But in 2012, assessments about JYJ members have completely changed. Now JYJ members can confidently add their titles with actors and musical actors.


Park Yuchun has been an actor since KBS “Sungkyunkwan Scandal,” MBC “Miss Ripley,” but to him SBS “Rooftop Prince” is a special one. Park Yuchun, who was a bit novice before, became matured in his role from “Rooftop Prince” as an actor.

Park Yuchun’s one of much strength is his clear voice tone and his ability to send message well. Because of this, Park Yuchun could control his up and down voice, and his expression has been surprisingly smoother. Also Park Yuchun blending into his fellow colleagues helped him to be a better actor.


Kim Junsu debuted as a musical actor through musical “Mozart!” in 2010. Kim Junsu’s musical went sold out but it also had revealed some problems.

The problem is Kim Junsu’s high payment. Because of him, ‘Mozart!’ was sold out and Kim Junsoo is right to be compensated. However, this will make other colleagues discouraged and hiring idols just for the profit became more frequent. Some people even said Kim Junsu’s this musical will also be his last. Just like any other idol stars.

But Kim Junsu was different. After ‘Mozart!.’ he participated in other musicals such as “Tears of Heaven,” “Mozart!,” “Elizabeth” and started to create his own character. Kim Junsu himself was enthusiastic about musical and is constantly improving himself.

Critics pointed out his lack of voice range and voice tone, and criticized that he cannot effectively read lines, but his ability to dominate the stage, powerful vocal, expression are Kim Junsoo’s specialty as well.

In the musical “Elizabeth” ended last May, Kim Junsu performed sexy and attractive death perfectly. His dancing on the stage was perfect just as an idol singer, and his singing also was flawless. Because of his great performance, Kim Junsoo was nominated for ‘The Musical Awards The Best Actor.’ It’s safe to say that Kim Junsu would soon win the award as well.


Kim Jaejoong started his career as an actor in SBS “Protect the Boss” last year. And right now, he is acting in MBC “Dr. Jin” as Officer Kim Kyungtak. Kim Kyungtak is a tragic person who is a bastard and is abandoned by his lover.

When Kim Jaejoong has first announced his acting career in a historical drama, people weren’t too happy about it. They said in order to be in a historical drama, one has to master historical tone and action as well and for Kim Jaejoong, it might have been too early for him. But when Kim Jaejoong in ‘Dr. Jin’ was first showed, he showed much matured performing.

Unlike his rigid form in the beginning, now Kim Jaejoong has completely mixed into his role, Kim Kyungtak. Kim Jaejoong perfectly performed Kim Kyungtak’s longing for his father and lover.

In particular, Kim Jaejoong showed his cynical smile to his best friend and performed emptied face while reminiscing. When he kneeled in front of his father and asking to kill him, Kim Jaejoong cried deeply and dearly. Kim Jaejoong’s devoted acting made audiences feel sympathy for him.

Kim Jaejoong will also participate in the movie “Jackal is Coming,” following “Dr. Jin.” Kim Jaejoong’s another transformation is highly expected because of his successful roles in “Protect the boss,” and “Dr. Jin.”

Credit: KpopStarz

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