JYJ Junsu, “His Challenging Spirit to Food as Strong as His Passion for Music”


JYJ Junsu, “His Challenging Spirit to Food as Strong as His Passion for Music”

Kim Junsu from JYJ reportedly has a stronger and unequalled challenging sprit to food of courtries all over the world.

According to a person concerd, Junsu isn’t afraid to try new exotic food. Different from eating a lot or having a good appetite, he is actively willing to try unique food of a country he visits. In fact, he doesn’t hesitate to try food that many people usually find difficulty trying at first time. This is a good virtue for a star who has a worldwide tour, but, many find it hard to possess such virtue.

The person concerned said, “Junsu like trying distinguishing food of many coutries around the world, whether street food or restaurant food. Because the food culture is the essence of the culture of that country, whenever he visits a foreign coutry he always try to eat traditional food of that nation.” And he added, “Many foreing fans take his such attitude positively.”

Meanwhile, Kim Junsu is going to have a worldwide tour not as JYJ but as a solo. Having Asian tour from Seoul to Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, and China, now he is scheduled to have concerts in 2 to 3 cities of North America, South America, and Europe respectively. Kim Junsu released a solo album XIA-TARANTALLEGRA last May and now he is preparing a re-package album adding additional English song.


Source: OSEN
Translated by: Chocolat | Credit: XIAH Press




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