JYJ Members Fool Around on a Commercial Set

After not seeing each other for awhile due to individual schedules, the JYJ members reunited for a commercial shooting.

On July 25, Kim Jae Joong tweeted, “Finished commercial shooting! A good day because I got to see the members.”


He posted a picture of himself wearing hipster glasses and looking as handsome as ever.

He later tweeted again saying, “Junsu, I live because of you~ haha. I cracked up again today because of Junsu.”

In the photo, all three JYJ members were seen making funny faces, with Park Yoo Chun wearing an unidentified gold object on his head.


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Photo credit:
 Kim Jae Joong’s Twitter
Credit: enewsworld
Shared by: JYJ3

[NEWS] JYJ members take a funny picture together


JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong recently took a picture with Park Yoo Chun and Kim Jun Su.

On July 25, Kim Jae Joong tweeted a picture with the comment, “The end of shooting a commercial! I’m happy to see the members. Jun Su is the reason I live. He was so funny today.”

In the picture, Kim Jun Su is making a funny face by closing his eyes and sticking out his tongue. Kim Jae Joong and Park Yoo Chun are also making funny faces with him. Kim Jae Joong also tweeted a picture of himself wearing glasses and showing off his chic charms.

People responded: “Kim Jae Joong looks so good in the picture.” “JYJ is so funny.” “Their bizarre faces make me laugh.” “It’s good to see them being close to each other.” “JYJ is a funny group.”

Source: TV Report
Credit: en.korea
Shared by: JYJ3




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