JYJ’s JaeJoong says, “I feel bad for Kyung Tak that he’s trying so hard to find a reason to live”

What is the reason for Kyung Tak (played by JYJ’s Jae Joong) to live in MBC TV’s drama series Doctor Jin?

Even though he was the child of a concubine, he’s royal to his father Kim Byung Hee (played by Kim Eung Soo) and his family. He also tries hard to live happily with his lover, whom he has loved for twenty years, and his best friend.

However, his father only uses him, his lover Young Rae (played by Park Min Young) doesn’t love him, and his only friend Young Hwi (played by Jin Yi Han) betrays him as he becomes a leader of a secret society.

In the 16th episode, Kyung Tak tries to kill himself, being unable to overcome the sad situations he’s facing, but he fails because of Young Rae. After that, he becomes cold-hearted. In the 17th and 18th episode, he becomes a double spy between his father and Lee Ha Eung (played by Lee Bum Soo) to help his father.

Kyung Tak asks Young Rae when he fails to kill himself, “Tell me a reason why I have to live.” It seems like he has gotten an answer for that. He has chosen his father for now. He feels like he has lost everything, but it seems like he has chosen his father as a reason to live and becomes his secret weapon because his father is the only person who acknowledges him.

Viewers reacted: “I feel bad for Kyung Tak that he’s trying to find a reason to live in such a way.” “I hate all people who are just using Kyung Tak.” “What is the writer’s intention?”

Jae Joong says, “Actually Kyung Tak has lost all reasons to live. Because he has nowhere to go, he’s trying to find a reason to live from his father who used to call him a starved dog. I feel sorry for him.”

There are only four more episodes for Doctor Jin. Playing an important role between Kim Byung Hee and Lee Ha Eung, Kyung Tak’s yet-to-be-made final decision is attracting many viewers’ attention.

Source: TV Report
Credit: En.Korea




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