Black Smith Official Update : Park Yoochun’s Fansign Meeting





– On July 26th, there was a queue bustling with people in front of the Black Smith Jamshil Shincheon store.

Why on earth was this for?
Actually, this day was the day model Park Yuchun had a fansign meeting.
Hallyu star Park Yuchun Fansign Event ! *__*

– To suit the dignity of a Hallyu star, a whole lot of fans made a long line inside out Black Smith for Park Yuchun’s fansign meeting and waited for him.

– For Park Yuchun’s fansign meeting, the table was set inside the Black Smith Jamshil Shincheon store.

– From 3PM, Park Yuchun’s fansign meeting is starting for real.
Park Yuchun starts signing with devotion with his tender smile and his bright face.

– Park Yuchun who kindheartedly signed to meet fans’ request one by one made him look more dashing.

– Especially, this time was more meaningful because a lot of Japanese fans directly came to visit him.

– Although it took a long time, Park Yuchun didn’t lose his bright smile, as expected he acted like a professional^^

– When the one-hour long Park Yuchun fansign meeting ended, the many fans who couldn’t get his sign so far had to go back unwillingly.
Once again, as we would like to express our gratitude to the many fans and customers who gave interest and came to Park Yuchun’s fansign meeting,

– From now on as well, give a lot of love to Black Smith and to the charming actor Park Yuchun ^^

Source: Blacksmith 
Translated by: Sheena
Shared by : JYJ3

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