Kim Jaejoong, the reason why he receives more love than the Drama main lead


Once again, Kim Jaejoong is receiving tremendous love from the viewers for his drama couple.

In MBC’s weekend drama Dr Jin, Kim Jaejoong is paired up with an actor, instead of an actress. The drama shows the close friendship between Hong YoungHwi (Jin Yi Han) and Kim KyungTak (Kim Jaejoong).

In the 19th episode, Kim KyungTak was obliged to deceive his best friend, YoungHwi for the sake of his father, Kim ByungHee (Kim EungSoo). KyungTak found out from YoungHwi that his own father would benefit from Lee Ha Eung (Lee BumSoo)’s document. He went to look for it and was successful. However, the situation caused YoungHwi to become suspicious of KyungTak and he sensed that KyungTak was a double agent.

YoungHwi wanted KyungTak to say that he was not an agent, but KyungTak said while concealing his sadness, “Now, I realized the worlds that each of us want to protect are different.” However, YoungHwi wanted to believe that KyungTak till the end and he painfully said thank you to KyungTak when KyungTak said that it was a lie.

The viewers are more interested in KyungTak and YoungHwi than any other male-female couple. They are supporting KyungTak and YoungHwi’s friendship by saying that the “TakHwi couple” is like a compound. The netizens felt more affection towards the “TakHwi couple” than Jin Hyuk (Song Seung Hyun) and YoungRae (Park Min Young).

Actually, Kim Jaejoong’s couple pairing in Dr Jin is not the first time that a drama couple involving him became a sensation. In last year’s SBS drama Protect the Boss, he played the role of director, Cha Muwon who was interested in Choi Kanghee, but failed in gaining her love. However, he became a couple with Seo Nayoon (Wang JiHye) with the viewers’ enthusiastic support.

Cha Muwon and Seo Nayoon were named the “Namu couple”. Although they only became a couple in the latter half of the drama, they received more love than the Jisung-Choi Kanghee couple.

To this, a representative of the drama said, “The co-actors/actresses who were paired with Kim Jaejoong became increasingly popular as the drama progressed. I think it has to do with Kim Jaejoong’s charisma that attracts viewers. They like charismatic, three-dimensional characters more than characters that are simply good or evil.”

Source: Nate
Translated By: Shermin of JYJ3
Shared By: JYJ3
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