JYJ Files 100 Million Won Damage Suit Against Media Outlet For Sasaeng Fans Abuse Story

JYJ filed a 100 million damage suit against a media outlet, referred to as “D” media outlet, on August 1 at the Seoul Central District Court.

The issue on hand revolves around the release of several audio tapes a few months before in March, which allegedly showed some of the JYJ members angrily yelling and cursing at a number of sasaeng fans who had been stalking the JYJ members.

The legal representatives for JYJ pointed out that the fact the audio files were illegally recorded and released without the consent of the party involved made it clear grounds for libel and was an invasion of privacy.

The legal representative added JYJ initially filed a suit against the “D” media outlet in March, however after much internal discussion, it was decided that a civil suit would be more suited leading to the cancellation of the initial suit.


The release of the audio files by “D” media outlet in March and its subsequent report had said the JYJ members had cursed and physically acted against the sasaeng fans.

The report and release of the files were angrily denounced by JYJ’s C-Jes Entertainment as having been deliberately done to maliciously target the JYJ members.

Some netizens pointed out that the filing of the lawsuit, as well as JYJ′s ongoing lawsuit with its members′ former agency, SM Entertainment, may have led to Park Yoo Chun′s shut down of his Twitter account.

Photo credit: C-Jes Entertainment
Credit: Enewsworld
Shared by: JYJ3

JYJ sues Dispatch for defamation of character


After creating controversy with the release of their report and audio files detailing the alleged swearing and violence against sasaeng fans by the JYJ members, Dispatch has been sued by JYJ for defamation of character.

According to reports that have surfaced, JYJ’s representatives are said to have filed a lawsuit against Dispatch asking for 100 million KRW (~$88,355 USD) on August 1st KST. It is also reported that they have demanded that Dispatch take down the audio files and their article, or be fined with 3 million KRW (~$2,650 USD) each day that the media outlet does not comply.

JYJ’s legal team stated, “Publicly revealing an illegally recorded audio file without confirming with those involved first and revealing their real names is considered to be defamation of character and a violation of privacy.”

“We had previously filed a criminal case back in March. However, after discussion, we thought that a civil lawsuit was a better fit, and thus retracted the previous lawsuit and refiled again.”

Source + Photo: Star NewsVOP | Tip: S.Lee
Credit: Allkpop
Shared by: JYJ3

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