JYJ’s Kim Junsu Works With Top Staff in America

JYJ’s Kim Junsu heightened expectations for his next single by working with an American dream team.


The singer recently paid a visit to America to record his English song and film its music video.

He stayed in L.A. for a week, recording his song with Sony Music’s Bruce “Automatic” Vanderveer and filming his music video with director Marc Klasfeld.

Did working in America this time around feel different from how it felt two years ago when he did the same for JYJ’s worldwide album in 2010? Word has it that Kim Junsu and the staff was looking forward to the results as they had worked with the best staff America had to offer.

Kim Junsu told enews on August 2 through his agency C-JeS Entertainment, “Working in America is hard but fun. It was impressive how it still had a system in which the artist himself can think a lot more, and deliver more of his emotions. My work with composer Bruce “Automatic”, who overflowed with energy, especially stood out. I think the song came out nicely. Filming the music video was different from how it was in Korea. I felt somewhat embarrassed trying to act in front of a great number of American staff members.”

Bruce “Automatic”, who previously worked with such prominent names as Christina Aguilera, The Wanted and Leona Lewis, said through C-JeS Entertainment, “I’ve worked with a lot of artists, but [Kim] Junsu has vocals that don’t fall behind those of any other top-class artist. I want to warn other famous artists in America to watch out for Junsu. His potential has already surpassed that of an A-class artist in America. I’m happy to have worked with such a great artist as Junsu, and I want to continue working with him.”

Music video director Marc Klasfeld said, “Kim Junsu is very quick, and he has beautiful eyes. He led a bright mood on set, so we felt happy during the entire shoot. I wanted to work with him ever since I saw the music video of Tarantallegra on Youtube, and I was happy to get this chance to do so.”

Kim Junsu added, “While shooting the music video, I had to act in a long take with only simple explanations about the feel of the music and the situation, instead of having the director check every single line of movement like in Korea. At first I was taken aback, but after I started to adapt and become immersed in my role, I could magnify and express the feelings I got from my song. I’m looking forward to seeing it because I feel like it will be great.”

Kim Junsu plans to wrap up his Asia tour with a concert in Hong Kong on August 7, and then go on to tour America, South America and Europe.

Photo credit: C-JeS Entertainment
Credit: Enewsworld




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