[MEDIA REVIEW] 120805 Dr. Jin – Kim JaeJoong’s bursting wail with bold acting ability makes viewers cry

Dr. Jin – Kim Jaejoong’s bursting wail with bold acting ability makes viewers cry

(From the review of today’s episode of Dr.Jin. The irrelevant parts are omitted)

Along with the episode [Kyung Tak’s father killed himself as his final choice during power struggle against Ha-Eung  (Beom Su Lee’s character)], Jaejoong Kim’s crying performance was glorious. The actor who overcame people’s prejudice about idol singers’ lack of acting ability received rave reviews from viewers of this historical genre which is even not a modern play. Especially the performance was in his prime as the episode reached the climax, and his scene that cries over his [Kyung Tak’s] dead father was just so touching that you may call the scene as the best scene of the drama.

Source: Newsen via Nate
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