Hayato’s Blog Update: Hayato-san has just met JYJ in LA

10th August, 2012

Yup, as you’ve guessed I met with the trio, sorry that I kept it a secret.

Why am I meeting them? Well, at this point in time I am unable to write in detail (about it), so let me report little by little.

The time of my arrival was close to when they did so I wondered if I could meet them in the airport. But apparently with a different airline the arrival gate would be different.

So, I had some light meal and headed toward the residence they are staying this time.

It’s situated on a small hill that looks down on LA downtown.

The sort of roofless tourist bus named the Hollywood Tour passed by in front of me. I think it’s the high-end residential area where Hollywood stars live.

After greeting the affiliated staffs Junsu came toward me.

His hair color was, should I say a bit red… or purple-ish… it was dyed a bit.

Seeing me he said as per usual, “Long time no see.” Then he shook my hand.

After that Yoochun came to get drinks from the fridge. Hugging a bunch in his arms he had eye contact with me with a smile. Like saying “Ya!”. Then he said, “Long time no see.”

Then, next was Jaejoong.
As soon as we saw each other we hugged.
Without thinking I said, “As soon as I see Jaejoong my tears are coming out.”
“Why?” Jaejoong asked.
“Because your acting as Kyung-tak san is too great.”
“Have you seen until the end?”
“The finale hasn’t been aired yet… is it tomorrow?”
“Have you seen all the episodes until that (the finale)?”
“I did… They were awesome…excellent.” I said and (unclear if it’s Jaejoong or Hayato-san)became a bit shy.
My impression was Jaejoong got a bit thin.
Though he looked well, as you all should be worried I will ask again tomorrow.

Until this time I had not had a chance to talk with Yoochun unhurriedly.
I thought that next time I meet him I would talk with him about fishing.
This wish came true, I am satisfied!
Ah, don’t think you’d be interested in talks about fishing so I won’t write it. Ha.

With Junsu, I said, “I went to Jakarta (JS live)”
“I know.”
“Eh? How come?”
“Didn’t we meet up?”
“We did not.”
… did he mistake me with someone else.
“I could see you from the stage.”
“Hey don’t you lie!!!”
He had that mischievous face and I was trolled on, this is where he’s still like a child. Ha.

But, the three of them are really close.
Even without camera around they are always playing with each other.
How to say… I am envious when seeing them.

And also, I asked them for “that” (T/N: I have noooooo idea what he’s talking about here)
Jaejoong said, “I got it.”
This was the first time I brought up that topic with Junsu and Yoochun and they got quite excited. I will tell you next time about what and how they got excited :)

Looking forward to tomorrow!!

Credit: Hayato’s blog
Translated by:
Shared by : JYJ3

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