Hayato’s Blog update : Summer Holiday with JYJ

11th August 2012

Small Summer Holiday/Live Report Part 3

Before I wrote on my blog that I won’t ask them for their signatures…Reading that…there’s a person who ask them for their signatures *laugh*

First up JaejoongPhotobucket


[TRANS] Jaejoong : Hayato-san a-arigatou! (t-thank you!)

The next one Yoochun


[TRANS] Yoochun : To-Hayato-san

The last one Junsu



[TRANS] Junsu : Hayato-san- Thank you

The precious item for me is also a precious item for you guys!!!

The photo collection ‘mahalo’ that I already have it with me.
I think it will reach you guys in around 20th this month!!! (T/N: August 20th)
Please look forward for it

Then when these guys are outside, in front of their eyes, this type of Hollywood Tour Bus passed through.


I think they are Americans, the tourist’s were all having the facial expression of “Ah? is it famous people?”

Yes, they who from now on will be famous in America…

They are JYJ!!!


Ah-all of you are thinking am I here?

I came to explain this to them


Even though it’s me saying but this is a greatly anticipated planning

The three of them too are showing great motivation…It’ll be fully confident project!!!*laugh*

One day I will write the episodes of my interactions with them

Ah-it’s already 3am…Time to sleep

Good night

Credit: Hayato’s Blog
Translated by: Helly of JYJ3
Shared by : JY3




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