Kim Jaejoong “If I Win the New Star Award, All I’m Going To Do Is…”

People thought he only had venom in his eyes but he whisked everyone off their feet with his handsome, deep and dark sentimentality and masculinity. This is MBC Weekend Drama “Time Slip Dr. Jin”‘s Kim Jaejoong. Let’s listen to his story.


1. His Relationship with “Time Slip Dr. Jin.”

“I was so scared because of the huge amounts of pressure. I worried that I was coming into a project underprepared and unqualified and I also worried about my freedom and ability to express the intricacies of Kyung Tak,” he said.

“Dr. Jin” must have been an intimidating choice to begin with: a historical drama, many older and more experienced actors, and the negative perspective that people have of idol singers turned actors. He has already been growing an impressive resume: starting with his debut in the 2009 movie “Postman of Heaven,” he appeared in “Protect the Boss” and a Japanese drama in 2010. Even then, “Time Slip Dr. Jin” was a huge challenge for him.

However, despite all the odds, he decided to star in the drama. He wanted to find what it was that drew him to acting in the first place and what he could offer as actor Kim Jaejoong, rather than a singer. The struggles in the beginning only fueled his desire to face the challenge.

“While being on ‘Dr. Jin’, I got a new sense of courage to throw myself to the side while acting and just immerse myself into the acting and also a new determination to keep on acting. It gave me a stepping stone to go a little further,” he added. Rather than a stable route, he wants to go the path of more struggle and exploration.

“I don’t know what I have left to show you,” he went on, “But I’m sure that there are many parts of me you haven’t seen yet. There are still people with presumptions about who I am but perhaps that’s because I haven’t shown you everything. I want to even try a psychopath role someday!”

2. If he won the New Star award…

In the episode that aired before the interview, Kim Jaejoong showed off his acting skills while crying and holding his father in the drama. Watching him beg his father to keep on living was heartbreaking for the audience and drew much positive feedback.

“I understand that it may be a fault but I can’t go through with calculated acting. I understand that I have to stay true to the script and plan things out but sometimes I’m too into the character that I feel like I’m feeling it. The death of my father was just like that, I was able to immerse myself because of the fellow actor.”

He told the story of what followed the scene, talking about how his own father reacted.

“I got a call from my father after it aired and he asked me why I acted in that particular way. He said it felt weird to see me cry in that scene and he asked me why I was crying so despondently and in despair. I think he felt more of the emotion and it made me proud of it a little bit.”

Kim Jaejoong explicitly expressed his wish to contend for the New Star award at the end of the year. He understands that this may be his last chance at it and that’s why he wants it.

“Most people give grandiose speeches. If I win the award, I promise that I’ll throw up peace signs to the cameras and just yell thank you.”

3. “Do you know Jae Keum?”

In last year’s drama, “Protect the Boss,” there were scenes that showed Kim Jaejoong cooking and there was much buzz about his cooking skills. He still plans to get a leveled license to cook one of these days and he says his members all tell him how much of a good cook he is. He always said that he is happy watching other people enjoy the food he makes. And his ideal woman is someone who can share that joy with him and enjoy cooking as much as he does.

4. “Omega 3 when I’m tired, Yoochun, pick up the phone.”

Jaejoong recently revealed on his Twitter that due to his busy and packed schedule, he only sleeps on average 2 hours a day and has stayed up completely for 2 straight days. He is busy filming his drama, a movie, commercials and meetings with his fans and it’s incredibly hard for him to stay energized and healthy.

He listed not eating as one of his methods to get rid of fatigue, which was a very unexpected answer. He likes to fill up with vitamins and other healthy medicinal products instead. He always makes sure that he takes omega 3 whenever he’s tired.

However, a fellow member’s encouragement is the best medicine and when some of them didn’t pick up his calls on the eve of his last shooting day, he said he felt a little let down.

“I was so exhausted one day and wanted to hear the voices of the members but Junsu and Yoochun didn’t pick up. Youchun didn’t even answer my texts! But he’s not particularly fond of his telephone so I should definitely tell him face to face soon enough.”

Korean News: Eto News




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