[TRANS] 120813 Hayato’s Blog Update: Report on JYJ

13 August 2012

Small Summer Vacation/Small Report

This is a hasty report.
About the picture of Jaejoong taken at the airport lounge where he was contemplating about which cup ramen he was gonna eat, it seems the question of “which did he eat?” rose among the public.

It turned out that he didn’t eat either one. Whaaat…Even I felt disappointed. This way, the story won’t continue *laugh*
I told Jaejoong about Saori-san’s story. It’s a sad story, but that’s not my aim of telling him the story. I wanted to tell him about the loop that Saori-san had expended. I received a lot of sad comments. For example…”I’ll support Jaejoong on Saori-san’s behalf”… or “Saori-san, please protect Jaejoong from heaven”.

(T/N:Saori-san is a Jaejoong/JYJ fan who had passed away last June due to sickness. Her dream was to go to a JYJ concert and a lot of fans were greatly saddened by the news)

Because of Saori-san, I wanted to tell him that everyone came together and given a message that they’re supporting Jaejoong.

In the middle of the story, he had worriedly asked, “Did she get better?” When I informed him that she had passed away, his face became sad.

It seems that he heard these kind of stories a lot this year. His face had turned inconsolable.

But, this should not only be about a sad story, the thing I wanted him to know is that a lot of people are supporting him and that he’ll be encouraged by that fact.

Even I who was talking, carelessly let a tear slipped (Jaejoong pointed that out, I was so uncool), and in the end I told him again that everyone is behind him, Saori-san and me too are also supporting him, it felt great to let him know.

Other than that, there’s are other similar stories, but even this, with all one’s might, I should take it in and stop here. I don’t want to burden him so I didn’t tell him more. I’m sorry.

Regarding Yoochun’s eyes, I heard from the man himself that they have healed completely. His eyes seem normal and so far as I’ve looked at them, there’s no problem.

And then…why did he close his twitter?
That…I can’t ask him! *laugh* But, he does seem generally energetic… But I can’t read into the depth of his heart.

I didn’t feel like Junsu had slimmed down from before, so I asked him “Are you still dieting now?” And he had clearly answered, “no, I’m not.”…? Will he get fat? *laugh*

And then, he’s been humming certain words that sounded like a spell…

What the??? Junsu…is a bit weird guy *laugh*

Today’s up till here.
Hm? Not enough? Patience patience~

Source: Hayato’s Blog
Translated By: Helly of JYJ3
Shared By: JYJ3

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