JYJ Members Get their Sexy On as the Sun Sets

There’s nothing more beautiful than a sunset, but in a picture recently uploaded by JYJ’s Kim Junsu, the sunset was the last thing in our minds.

On August 18, Kim Junsu tweeted, “Woo~Sexy.”


Attached to the tweet was a picture of a sunset at a beach with the JYJ member′s silhouette standing out in the foreground.
Kim Junsu stuck out the most, with his popped bottom and sexy model pose – but seems like Park Yoo Chun couldn′t stand the sight, as he′s in the middle of knee-kicking Junsu.

As for Kim Jae Joong? He′s just chilling by the side.

JYJ has returned from Los Angeles to Seoul, where unfortunately, the beaches are less accessible.

Source: enewsworld
Photo Credit : 1215thexiahtic

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