JYJ Yoochun “I Knew Han Ji Min For 4 Months, But It Feels Like 10 Years”

JYJ‘s Park Yoochun complimented actress Han Ji Min, who he acted with on SBS drama “Rooftop Prince,” for her ‘affinity.’

On KBS 2TV “Entertainment Relay” that aired on Saturday, on the corner called ‘Star On Air,’ she was interviewed, on the set she filmed for advertising.

The reporter said that he gathered what her fellow acting partners thought about Han Ji Min, who has been acting for 10 years. When asked, “What do you think Park Yoochun said?” She replied, “That I eat a lot? Or that I seem like a town noona that he knew for 10 years?”

The reporter replied, “Park Yoochun said that you were ‘the greatest of all time’ and that you have the ‘best affinity.’ He said he knew you for 4 months, but that it seems like you guys have been friends for 10 years.’

Credit : kpopstarz

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