Kim Junsu Releases English Single, “Uncommitted”

On August 17th at noon, JYJ’s Kim Junsu released his first solo English single, “Uncommitted.” In addition to releasing the single, he also released the title track music video, which was directed by Marc Klasfeld and Ray Yeom.

Instead of releasing a repackaged album for his first solo album, “TARANTELLEGRA,” Kim Junsu decided to go with an English single. Working with Bruce “Automatic” Vanderveer, who has previously worked with Christina Aguilera, Wanted and Leona Lewis, Kim Junsu sang the beautiful track “Uncommitted.”

The single also includes the English version of “TARANTELLEGRA,” as well as the instrumental to both tracks.

You can purchase his English single on BugsOlleh Music and Soribada.

Credit: koreaboo
Shared by: JYJ3

[NEWS] 120817 Kim Junsu’s “Uncommitted single release excites the world; this what you call a world style

The song and music video of Kim Junsu’s first English single album, Uncommitted, was released to the public.

On the 17, Junsu’s agency, C-jeS Entertainment claimed, “Kim Junsu (XIA)’s first English single album, accomplished together with America’s top staff, was released. After its release at 12PM, the song has been gaining popularity as well as standing 1st place on the music charts of both Bugs and Cyworld.”

Prior to his world tour, Junsu collaborated with the US SONY Music composer, Bruce Automatic Vanderveer, to produce Uncommitted. Also working with America’s prominent music video director, Marc Klasfeld, Junsu finalized the global project.

Furthermore, loved for its powerful performance, Tarantallegra was rearranged in this album. In this rearrangement, Junsu changed the lyrics from Korean to English and used a traditional Korean instrument, the kkweng-ga-ri (a gong), to give a powerful oriental feeling, differentiating the new Tarantallegra from other English songs.

As Junsu’s successful Tarantallegra, released last May, was a best selling solo album in history of Gaon Chart,  as well as standing on American Billboard, this album has been receiving striking attention.

Kim Junsu (XIA)’s first single album song was released via Melon, M-Net, Bugs, Dosirak, and Soribada and its music video was released through C-jes’s official YouTube channel.

Source : nate via hellokpop
Shared by : JYJ3




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