JYJ’s Yoo Chun says, “I didn’t know I was this popular in China”


JYJ’s Yoo Chun recently held his fan meeting successfully in Shanghai, China.

On August 25, Yoo Chun held his fan meeting, titled the 2012 Park Yoo Chun Asia Tour Fan Meeting in Shanghai, at the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Shanghai.

Yoo Chun started the fan meeting singing “The Empty Space For You,” a soundtrack of MBC TV’s drama series Miss. Ripley, and talked about how he had been doing lately. He spent about two hours with his fans, presenting some important scenes of Miss. Ripley with his fans, giving quizzes to his fans over the phone, and playing a popping-balloons game.


On August 26, C-Jes Entertainment, Yoo Chun’s agency, said, “The Rooftop Prince received a lot of attention even before it started airing in China. Yoo Chun became popular when Sungkyunkwan Scandal aired. We knew that many Chinese people liked Yoo Chun, but we didn’t know he was this popular in China. We feel like we can also successfully hold the rest of Yoo Chun’s fan meeting tour.”

Yoo Chun’s popularity in China has been proven many times. The number of Yoo Chun’s fan community members on Baidu, the biggest portal site in China, exceeded 0.1 million a long time ago, and around 5,000 Chinese fans gathered signatures, making a request for a fan meeting with Yoo Chun. On August 24, when Yoo Chun arrived at Shanghai Pudong International Airport, over 1,500 Chinese fans swarmed over to the airport to see him, paralyzing all operations of the airport.

Yoo Chun says, “I was surprised to see so many people welcoming me despite the fact that it’s been a while since I visited Shanghai for the last time. All I did was working hard, but I feel like I’m getting more than I’m supposed to. I really appreciate all the fans for coming to see me. I’ll work harder to thank you for this.”

Source: tvreport via en.korea.com




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