Kim Jun Su smiled when talking about being banned


[Praised the nice sceneries of Hong Kong, wanted to shop during his free time.]

JYJ member Kim Jun Su arrived at Hong Kong yesterday morning to prepare for his solo concert for the night. During his conference in the afternoon, he praised about Hong Kong’s sceneries and he hoped to have some free time to shop around. He also initiated the issue about being banned in korea broadcast, smiled while saying,”Because of this, we have to put in even more effort for our MV, and hope that more people can appreciate out song”.

When Jun Su arrived at the conference, he used cantonese “Hello everyone, I’m Kim Jun Su” to greet the reporters. He came to Hong Kong  with his members two years ago. Now, he praised that Hong Kong is a beautiful city, especially at night. He added that because he was living at a higher floor back in his hotel, he was excited about what he could see from the top view there. He loves the sea so he was happy that he could see it from his room. Also, he said that Hong kong is a shopping paradise and he really wished to shop here, but didn’t know whether he had the time.

[MV as a platform to advertise]

This is the first time Jun Su came to Hong Kong for his solo concert, he said, “the schedule is really packed, so I am feeling a little stressed. I will feel lonely only when I am back in my hotel room. But it’s okay, I wish to take this opportunity to let people know that not only I am a member of JYJ, but a completely new Kim Jun Su”.

Ever since Kim Jae Joong, Park Yu Chun and him leave the group, Dong Bang Shin Ki, and formed a new group, JYJ, their music are banned from the  Korea local broadcast. When asked about his new music videos, Tarantallegra and Uncommitted, which appeared to have a lot of efforts put in thus becoming a hot topic, he said, “I am sad that we are being banned from the local broadcast because MVs are a good way to relate to people. I have put in a lot of efforts to make the MVs, it is filled with personal styles and it’s different from the normal K-pop MVs.”

When talked about it was a great achievement for the good response for his solo album and for him to be able to hold concerts throughout asia, he admitted that it was filled with many obstacles like restrictions in broadcasting on TVs and radios initially. But he felt blessed to have the help of the media. Although Hong Kong is the last stop for his asia tour, it also mark as the start of his world tour. He promised that he will put in his best for this show.

[From arriving till leaving Hong Kong]

This month, Jun Su released his English solo album, Uncommitted. He stated that English is a universal language and that the 2 songs in the album are suited to sing in English because they are of R&B style. In recent years, he have been involved in musicals and he claimed that the experiences are different from being a singer, in musicals, he could experience a different life. And that it inspired him songwriting.

After the QnA session during the conference, Jun Su stood up for the reporters to take photos and posed a “please” hand gesture. When leaving, he bowed to the media which is very polite of him. When the reporters were taking photos of him non stop, he couldn’t help but smiled with his hand covering his mouth.

In addition, more than 200 fans went to receive Jun Su when he arrived at Hong Kong. He was wearing sunglasses, his face was cool throughout the period when around 30 bodyguards were escorting him out. It was a chaos during the period to the extent that some fans fell down.

Source: wenweipo
Translated by: KareenChan of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3
Please do not remove the credits.

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