Hong Kong TVB’s Interview with JYJ’s Junsu


Reporter : Today we are happy to have popular group JYJ’s Kim Junsu to talk with us. Annyeonghaseyo
Junsu : Annyeonghaseyo, Da jia hou (hello everybody in Mandarin)

Reporter : I know you are coming here solo without your other members this time. Are you nervous about it?
Junsu : In compared with having 3 of us, I feel a bit lonely in some way. But this is the last stop of my Asia’s tour, I am getting more used to it now. I can now perform my concert with skill and ease, and spend some enjoyable moment with everyone. I feel excited and happy about it.
Narrator : Though Junsu has not performed in any TV series, he puts a lot of effort in his MV. Not only showing his muscles, he also takes the challenges in having female appearance

Reporter : In your solo album, apart from showing your figure, you also have a female appearance. Jaejoong also had a female appearance before, from your view, who do you think is prettier?
Junsu : It’s hard to compare who is prettier. Though you are viewing real girls, they have different styles. I think we have different styles ad bring out different female images. But if you say pretty, I will say it’s Jaejoong.

Reporter : Sometimes JYJ upload some funny photos to the web. Among the three of you, who do you think is the funniest person?
Junsu : If you say funny, I think three of us are also funny. I personally think the other two are funnier than me. Jaejoong is fun in action and Yuchun likes to make funny jokes. When I am with the two, I feel very happy and laugh a lot. When I am together with other members, I feel my funny side is even more obvious. Therefore when the three of us are together, we always have non-stop laughing.

Narrator : In fact JYJ has their serious side, e.g. Jaejoong composed new songs for Junsu and Junsu is very satisfied.

Junsu : Now when I received songs from other members which are not sung by the three, but my solo instead, the feeling is very different. Therefore when I received songs from other members, I will digest them and put them in my album. I feel very happy about it. I am so happy that Jaejoong can write new songs for me as we have a deep understanding among us, therefore, we can write suitable songs for each other. Really thank you to Jaejoong that I can receive such good songs from him.

Narrator : Apart from receiving support from other members, Junsu’s brother Junho also helped to write song for Junsu.

Reporter : I know your brother Junho also helped you to write song, do you have special feeling about it?
Junsu: First of all, “Tarantallegra” is the first song I compose. When I was writing lyrics for the song, I remembered my brother wrote a song called “Mission”. I had some feeling towards this it, especially dance song. I seek his assistance to add in some new ideas. Therefore, I invited him to write new lyrics. One day he asked me what was the meaning of the word “Tarantallegra”. The meaning of this word is an incantation for people to dance, he asked me what I thought if he put this word in the lyrics. I felt good about it. My brother was so dedicated to put in many different new styles and wrote some suitable lycris for me. Therefore, I am also very grateful to my real brother. In future, I will get him write more.

Narrator : Apart from sing, Junsu also has a good result in musical. Not sure if he will consider to follow the other two members and film TV series.

Junsu : I think it must have a day I will show up in TV drama. But when is that time, I am not sure in fact. I really have no idea in this part. When the time I film TV series, I must be well-prepared or come across a suitable script. No matter when, you will have chance to see me in TV drama one day.

Reporter : Is there anything you want to tell Hong Kong fans?
Junsu : Hong Kong fans …. They never mind me I don’t come too often. Whenever I come, they always welcome me. They give me lots of love. I am very grateful and thankful. At any time, I love you folks. Ngor Hoi Da Ga (I love you all in Cantonese). I love you guys.

Reporter : Today we are happy to talk to Junsu. Thank you Junsu.
Junsu : Thank you.

Credit: Hong Knong TVB via hakimaii
Translation Credit: JYJHongKong




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