JYJ’s Kim Jun Su: “I didn’t care what I looked like”

JYJ’s Kim Jun Su recently talked about his appearance.

Kim, who has magnificently transformed himself as a solo singer, shot a pictorial and gave an interview for the star life style magazine @star1. He also explained why he had the gender neutral concept for his first solo EPTarantallegra.

Kim said, “I couldn’t imagine getting my nails done or dying my hair brilliant colors. I was not interested in making myself pretty and I just thought that I have to sing well as a singer. But the musical Das Musical Elisabeth, in which I played the role of a dreamlike man named Tod, changed me.”

“I felt like I’m far apart from the character. I looked at the mirror and I decided to lose some weight. Singing is still my priority but since my job is to show myself to the public, I can’t overlook my appearance. Now I feel rather weird if I don’t get my nails done.”

Kim talks about his fashion, world tour, plans as a musical actor, and his everyday life through the October issue of the magazine, which was published on September 20.

Source: Sports Korea
Credit: En.Korea

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