JYJ Philippines’ Photobook

The photobook contains all the wonderful memories we’ve had during our First Fan Gathering. The photobook was delivered to Crebeau Belle by Admin 6002 last October 13, 2012.

***The @JYJ_PH admins would like to apologize to the fans who wrote their messages for JYJ during the gathering. Since the messages were written using pencils, problems occurred upon printing, and we had no choice but to omit the page since they were hardly visible.  Again, our sincere apology to all of you.***

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  1. Tnx for the efforts admins.. by that photobook, maybe they will consider ph as one of d countries they should visit.. ok lng po ung tungkol s written messages, i know u did what you can.. actually mejo relief nga aq eh, kc i messed up my handwriting there… heheheh… *kahiya!!!

    • Thanks for understanding. We were really worried that the fans who wrote their messages might’ve felt bad bcoz their messages were omitted. We are also hoping that they’ll finally consider our country in one of their future projects.Thanks for the support. =)

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