[FAN ACCOUNT] Kim Jaejoong First Fan Meeting in Jakarta

When it was announced that JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong would have a November 3 fan meeting, I took it as a sign that I should finally attend and support him. It’s a long weekend for us Filipinos so the timing was perfect.

There were three of us who took the PAL flight to Jakarta on All Saints’ Day. We were very excited, even prepared fan gifts representing our country, the Philippines.

We safely arrived in Jakarta around midnight. Took airport shuttle to Aston Marina that became our temporary crib.

On the day of the fan meet, we took a cab going to MEIS (the venue). At the lobby, there were booths for fan gifts, tickets and another for official merchandise. RockJJ and Maze (dedicated fan groups) provided fans with banners, glow sticks and wristbands for free. There were also vendors outside selling unofficial JYJ items.

We forgot to eat lunch due to excitement. So while we had time to hang out, I had a burger and soda. But I can’t even taste anything anymore due to overwhelming emotion that I’ll finally see Jaejoong in person. I took a dose of Biogesic just in case. Hehe.

Once we were inside, we were ushered to our seats. And the moment Jaejoong appeared on stage, he took our breath away. He may look sick but his radiance remained unrivaled. He’s the definition of a shining star.

When Jaejoong’s handwritten letter was being read, a lot of fans were in tears. Among the 3 of us, I got to seat so close to the stage. Not knowing anything that was being said, my kind Indonesian seatmate offered help by translating.

During the event, scenes from “Time Slip Dr. Jin” and “Protect the Boss” were shown. Then the MC would ask questions related to it, whether it happened to Jaejoong in real life. Jaejoong would reply back using iPad. We’d watch him type in Hangul.

Although the “high five” session was fast, I managed to give him a “homie handshake.” Jaejoong acknowledged each and every fan that went by. His sincerity was felt by each one of us. We saw some fans that fainted.

The fan meet may not have the whole shebang but it was worth going to Jakarta just to see Jaejoong. I’m more than happy; I can’t even describe the feeling. I’d like to thank the admins of JYJ Philippines that I was with for this unforgettable rejuvenating experience.

 by: @cakecircle


  1. Wow…congrats JYJ Philippines…wow JJ is soooo sweet….even he can’t talk and he is sick…still he answer all the questions to him and he was there…JJ so sweeet…

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