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JYJ Worldwide

“As Kim Jaejoong began acting more in dramas there have been more people recognizing him. But I feel sad that overseas fans overlook the band JYJ and still think of me as previous YoungWoong Jaejoong. It’s a problem of time and all I can do is try harder.” –cre. JYJ3.

JYJ I-Fans from around the World would like to show not only Jaejoong, but Yoochun and Junsu that we love, support and recognize them as JYJ and as solo artists. What better way to show them our love then to send them our hearts! Please look below to see where you can send your hearts in. If your Country is not listed below, don’t fret! Just let us know where you’re from and we’ll direct you where to go ^_^

Project “Our Hearts to JYJ”

Who:  JYJ I-Fans

What:  Red Origami Hearts

It is mandatory to have 3 (4 in. max) hearts for each member of JYJ…

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