[FAN PROJECT] Our Hearts for JYJ

***For FILIPINO Fans who wish to participate in this project, you can submit your “Hearts” during the 2nd Fan Gathering on Dec. 8, 2012.***

*** The fan who can submit the most number of HEARTS will receive a SPECIAL PRIZE  (JYJ Unforgettable  Concert in Japan Clear File Set)  from us. (Minimum number of hearts is 20 pcs.) ***

“As Kim Jaejoong began acting more in dramas there have been more people recognizing him. But I feel sad that overseas fans overlook the band JYJ and still think of me as previous YongWoong Jaejoong. It’s a problem of time and all I can do is try harder.” –cre. JYJ3.

JYJ I-Fans from around the World would like to show not only Jaejoong, but Yoochun and Junsu that we love, support and recognize them as JYJ and as solo artists. What better way to show them our love then to send them our hearts! Please look below to see where you can send your hearts in. If your Country is not listed below, don’t fret! Just let us know where you’re from and we’ll direct you where to go ^_^

Project “Our Hearts to JYJ”

Who:  JYJ I-Fans

What:  Red Origami Hearts


It is mandatory to have 3 (4 in. max) hearts for each member of JYJ (One heart for JYJ is Optional though highly recommended) written in either Korean or English. The reason being is this is a JYJ Fan Project and not an individual fan project. We appreciate and thank you for your understanding ❤


In front:

  • Heart 1: “Kim JaeJoong of JYJ. We love you.”
  • Heart 2: “Park Yoochun of JYJ. We love you.”
  • Heart 3: “Kim Junsu of JYJ. We love you.”
  • Heart 4: “JYJ, We love you!”

​​On the back: ​ Please include your name & where you’re from. ​“Lisa Hall, Proud JYJ USA Fan”

​​​​Where:  Each Country will submit ONE box/package filled with hearts to C-JeS. This is for unity, stronger show of support and cost efficiency. There will be one person per country who will be collecting all the hearts. All Countries will then send in their hearts in such a way so that they will arrive at C-JeS within the month of December.

When: Decemeber 2012. Pls mail all your hearts once you’ve collected. Pls do not send separately as each Country will send one shipment each.

Our List of Countries/Contacts ***Through Twitter***:

Brazil – @candyjaejae  http://candyjaejae.com/

Chile – @JYJChile

Colombia – @JYJColombia

Honduras – http://www.facebook.com/kwavehn

Indonesia – @KJJ_INA

Japan – @

Malaysia – @ChunsaArmy

Mexico – @JaeharemMexico & @JYJFamilyMexico

Peru – @JYJPeruFC

Phillippines – @JYJ_PH

Puerto Rico – @JYJPR

Romania – @JYJRoFans

Singapore – @SGMiracleStars

Spain – @INAJ_JYJ

United Kingdom – @JYJUKFandom

USA – @JYJWorldWide

 We realize that there are many Countries not listed here (mostly due to busy schedules and the Season to be Jolly!) but if any JYJ Fans would like to represent a Country not listed, pls notify us so that we may add you in ^_^

Credit: JYJWorldwide


    • Hi Katerina! Ofcourse you’re welcome to participate.^^ Does JYJ Russia have a twitter account? Mention as at twitter so we can forward your details to the organizer. 🙂 Thank you very much! Our twitter: @JYJ_PH

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