There have been a lot of queries posted by our followers and friends inquiring if we are in any way related to another fanclub/fanbase of JYJ in the Philippines with seemingly the same name as ours thus, the confusion.

We are JYJ Philippines, a fansite dedicated ONLY for JYJ – ONLY for Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu. Our twitter account is @JYJ_PH. Our website is and our facebook account is ^___^

We are NOT connected to the new account with the same name as ours, nor any other Philippine fansites/fanbases allegedly for JYJ or allegedly for the individual members nor their former group. While we appreciate the growing number of JYJ fans in the Philippines, more than anything, we would like to shield JYJ from being used and abused for different objectives.

We started way back October 2010 with a personal account @JYJ_love which was only used to follow the JYJ members on Twitter until the account became a medium that provided updates to all JYJ fans of the latest news and happenings about our boys. During that time, there were already numerous Twitter accounts and/or Fansites dedicated to JYJ from all over the world, but none of them carried the Philippine banner. It was then that the administrators of @JYJ_love became inspired to create one website ( and Twitter account @JYJ_PH that represented the JYJ fans from the Philippines in the rapidly growing International JYJ Fandom. We have participated and represented the Filipino JYJ fans in various projects hosted by JYJ International fansites/fanbases and likewise, we have launched our own projects in the Philippines with the aim of promoting JYJ and its members.

We would like to take this opportunity as well to express our deepest gratitude to all of you our dear followers, our international JYJ Family, allies and friends for your continuing support and love. As one big JYJ Family let’s PROMOTE and PROTECT JYJ and its members.


JYJ Philippines @JYJ_PH


  1. Hello Admin. Thank you so much for this fan site. I’m also following you in Facebook and Twitter. More Power to us Filipino fans of JYJ and JYJ!

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