“All About Yoochun” – The JYJ Philippines (@JYJ_PH) Micky Party 2013

June 1, 2013, Saturday, JYJ Philippines (JYJ_PH) celebrated Yoochun’s 28th   Birthday, held at the Drake Function Room at Discovery Suites, Ortigas Center, Pasig City,Philippines. It was an advance celebration for our Yoochun’s birthday that marked the first-ever Micky Party in the Philippines.

Planning and organizing the event (just over one weekend ^__^) has been surprisingly smooth and easy. All ideas for the party were well coordinated… probably because we have all been anticipating a Micky Party in the Philippines for years now and our suppressed ideas for such party came pouring out in an instant. Everything fell into place, we must say.

Just as we imagined, everything that day was all about Yoochun, and all for Yoochun. The Drake function room was decorated with his life-size Tony Moly poster (from Korea), his cute Nii posters and souvenirs from Yoochun’s fan meetings that we attended. The room was BLUE all over, from the balloons to table set-up and centerpiece, up to our guests’ outfits.


It was a fun-filled afternoon for all attendees who gladly participated in the games. We had “Micky Quiz” – a test on how well the Chunsas know Yoochun and “Micky Roles” where clips of Yoochun’s videos were shown and the participants would guess which project were they from. 



We prepared a lot of prizes and giveaways for our guests. No one went home empty-handed actually! Well…that’s how we party at JYJ_PH ^____^

We also had a cute cake made especially for Yoochun…

And yes…you read it right… It’s from his Girlfriends in the Philippines^^

We saw familiar faces and met new Yoochun and JYJ fans as well. The party became more exciting as each of us shared how we became Yoochun and JYJ’s fans. Most of us trace our roots to Sungkyunkwan Scandal… having been smitten by Lee Seon Joon’s charm, we fell HOOK LINE and SINKER!


We also prepared a simple gift for Our Yoochun, along with the attendees’ letters, which we will deliver when we visit Seoul this month…

179745_10200163376787673_1049333474_n 935601_10200163375867650_1507249399_n


We hope that our LOVE will reach him… <3<3<3


your Girlfriends in the Philippines love you dearly…




  1. I was amazed to hear of JYJ Philippines . . . You’re all awesome just like our Chunnie!!! Please count me in too. You have my support . . . Please let me know of other activities for yoochun and JYJ in the coming days. More power!!! Fighting!!!

  2. i was amazed of how jyj philippines put a lot of efforts just to show the love for park yoochun. i’m in tears right now. have i known that there’s this kind of event, i should have joined. congratulations!! one question, did you inform park yoochun about this event?

  3. C0ngratulati0ns CHUNSAS @Jyj_PH FAMILY, . . It was a great party seing ur ph0t0s 🙂 i wishd i was there also 🙂 bt anyway Keep supp0rting Oppa yo0chun! HurRAY… #HAPPY28THPARKYUCHUN

  4. the best fc organizers in the philippines.. JYJ LOVERS RULES!

  5. Great party JYJ_PH, would love to join you next time. Saengil Chukahae Chunnie! Saranghae! ^_^

  6. Daebak! Congratulations JYJ_PH for the successful and joyous celebration of Park Yoochun’s 28th birthday. I wish I were there. I hope to see him with the nice shoes on. Happy birthday to our beloved Micky!!! lots of love ❤

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