Petition to CJES for International Fan Membership & Communication with CJES


Petition to CJES for International Fan Membership & Communication with CJES

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The Petition Letter:

April __, 2013
C-JeS Entertainment & JYJ
629-7, Yeoksam 1-dong
Seoul, Korea

Petition for International Membership


  • Mr. Baek Chang Ju
  • Mr. Kim Jaejoong, Mr. Park Yuchun, and Mr. Kim Junsu (JYJ)

We, JYJIFC (JYJ International Fans Coalition) on behalf of international fans of JYJ, are writing to convey a request for eligibility of membership for international fans. For the purpose of this petition, international fans are thus defined as fans residing outside of Korea and Japan.

The purposes of this petition are as follows:

  1. To respectfully request for a membership that would allow international fans to obtain entrance and/or access to JYJ’s organized activities which are held exclusively in Korea and Japan, e.g. JYJ Membership Week; and,
  2. To have English subtitles and/or translations integrated into all of JYJ merchandise (i.e. including –but not limited to– fan meeting and concert DVDs) for the international fans who do not possess the ability to communicate in Korean or Japanese.

The grounds of this petition are as follows:

  1. The extent of support for JYJ devoted by international fans is comparable to that expended by Korean and Japanese fans, therefore the exclusion of international fans from JYJ’s organized activities (e.g. JYJ Membership Week) is unjustified.
  2. The preferential treatment for Korean and Japanese fans with regard to a range of matters, such as communication barriers, availability of news updates and merchandise, etc.


On 27th and 30th June 2013, JYJ will be holding their second JYJ Membership Week. This event is an organized activity that invites Korean and Japanese fans to participate in fan meeting, contest, exhibition, etc., with the main intention to provide fans with the opportunity of a more intimate interaction with JYJ.

Admitting we are earnestly grateful to Mr. Baek Chang Ju and C-JeS Entertainment for their enduring support of JYJ, but we are left desiring what is offered and accessible exclusively to Korean and Japanese fans. While we are delighted to see Korean and Japanese fans receiving JYJ’s immediate affection, we feel that the exclusion of international fans from JYJ’s organized events is unmerited.

Nothing is more gratifying for us than having witnessed JYJ’s achievements during these past two years despite the numerous attempts to hinder their ventures. International fans have celebrated along with JYJ in the most triumphant moments and cried with them at the lowest points in the same way as Korean and Japanese fans have. Together, we sought for justice to be served, waited for their return, and supported JYJ in any endeavor they chose to embark on. We laughed and hurt along with them. All through the years we have been supporting JYJ, we have supported them with a content heart that always wished for the best of health, happiness, and prosperity.

Although we understand JYJ’s natural affinity to Korean and Japanese fans, we nevertheless feel righteously justified in requesting to be involved in JYJ’s organized events for reasons explained above.

Our love and devotion for JYJ never fail to encourage us to go the extra mile to overcome language barriers and physical distance. For instance, international fans must rely on fellow international fans to provide translations of video clips and most DVDs published by C-JeS Entertainment. Even though most of the time it takes a considerable amount of time before we could understand the messages sent by JYJ, we are never disheartened. However, as we began to notice the continual exclusion pertaining to JYJ’s organized activities and merchandise sales, we have felt disregarded and forgotten.

The purposes of this petition arise on account of the numerous occasions where international fans of JYJ are seemingly excluded. We, JYJIFC, the undersigned and representatives of JYJ International Fans, sincerely request that our petition be given full deliberation.

In consideration of any concern and restriction that may apply and therefore prevent the granting of this petition, the least of which may be monetary when it comes to the inclusion of international fans to JYJ’s organized events, we would like to assure you that we, the undersigned, are willing to recompense a recurring fee, be it monthly or annually, or other fees hereby assigned, in order to obtain the membership.

Attached in this petition is a list of signatures, sorted by nation of residency, of all JYJ fans who agree and support our appeal, as proof and weight of consideration to C-JeS’ and JYJ’s decision.


JYJ International Fans Coalition (JYJIFC)



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