Hello #JYJFamily!

As earlier advised, we have touched-based with the Committee in charge of the Asian Games Centennial Festival in Boracay. We are pleased to announce that indeed, JYJ will be gracing the said event.

JYJ will be one of the performers to the Music Festival which will take place on November 28. However, please note that the Music Festival is not a public event. It is a private event to be attended by Heads of States and high-ranking officials of the participating countries and the 1,200 delegates invited for the Event.

The Centennial celebration will run from November 26-29, 2013. Delegates will arrive on November 26 followed by the OCA Standing Committee Meeting at the Shangrila Boracay. The Asian Food Festival on the 28th will be held at the beach front of Boracay Terraces. The Asian Games Centennial Music Gala, where JYJ is expected to perform, will be held on the same day at 7pm at Boracay Terraces. The event will end on November 29 with the 32nd OCA General Assembly.

The Music Gala will be a collaboration of Asian Music from all the five regions of Asia. Performers will come from the East, West, Central, South and Southeast Asia. The event director is Ms. Maria Montelibano while the overall musical director is the world-renowned Filipino composer Mr. Ryan Cayabyab

We would like to reiterate that JYJ will be gracing the Music Gala in line with their promotional activities as ambassadors to the 2014 Incheon Asian Games, and the Music Gala is a private sit-down dinner to be followed by musical festival which will be attended exclusively by the heads of states, high-ranking officials and delegates of the participating countries. To clarify, there will be no tickets to be sold for the event. IT IS AN EXCLUSIVE EVENT.

We have requested the Committee for a “meet and greet”with JYJ, if possible, and they have committed to endorse our request to C-jes and the Korean Committee. We will update you on the developments and logistics as soon as we have them.

As we anticipate JYJ’s coming, let us all promote the Asian Games Centennial Celebration in Boracay and JYJ’s “ONLY ONE”

For more information on the event, please visit our website jyjph.org, our twitter is @JYJ_PH and AGCEF‘s official site


  1. OMG SUN! What to do???

    I really wish that they will have a meet and greet here in Boracay!

    If not, I hope the organizers will open the event for us JYJ fans so that JYJ will know that they have passionate & supportive fans here in the Philippines

    This maybe the only chance that I might see them in person & it will be heart breaking to be near them but not see them 😦

    Thank you to JYJPH for sending your request to CJES & the Korean Committee

    Let us hope all our prayers will be heard and be granted!

    JYJPH Fighting! JYJ Filipino Fans Fighting!

  2. Please convince them to have a fan meeting in Manila. I really cant afford to go to Boracay. I badly want to see JYJ especially my Yoochun in person! Thank you JYJPH! FIGHTING!

  3. Hope they can have a sort of mini fan-meet with JYJ Philippines before or after they perform in Boracay . . . For them to meet their Filipino fans . . . This would truly be a memorable event for us . . . jYJ Phil fighting!!!

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