SBSPopAsia shared some videos of Xia Junsu’s Interview on September 27, 2013.

Xia was interviewed by Ms. Jamaica Dela Cruz, a filipina host of SBSPopAsia from Baguio City and now based in Australia.

We are so overwhelmed that our “Kababayan” did the said interview and as fellow Filipinos, we are so proud…  ^^,

Xia Junsu says G’Day

 Xia Junsu can speak Aussie!


XIA (준수) JUNSU tells SBS PopAsia JYJ Members’ Jaejoong & Yoochun’s Secrets!

Xia Junsu (俊秀) receives a Crocodile Pizza Cake

Xia Junsu performing “Incredible” live at SBS PopAsia Studios

XIA (준수) Junsu Live at SBS PopAsia – OFFICIAL Extended Interview

Xia Junsu Behind the Scenes at SBS PopAsia TV Studios




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