[UPDATE] JYJ Lovers in the Philippines (@JYJ_PH) working together with AGCEF


The JYJ_PH team met with the AGCEF Officers today, October 29, 2013. The President and Executive Director, Mr. Robert “Dodot” Jaworski, Jr warmly welcomed the team. The purpose of our meeting was to discuss the logistics, plans, production details, our team’s project proposals and participation.


As we have informed everyone in our update last September 25, 2013, JYJ is sure to grace the Centennial Celebration of the Asian Games in Boracay, Philippines. The event will take place on November 28, 2013. They will be performing together with other local and international artists before the Heads of States of participating countries, delegates and athletes. The event is exclusive only for AGCEF guests and OCASIA delegates. Again, we reiterate, the event is private and exclusive. There are NO TICKETS to the event.


The AGCEF team would like to emphasize that the event is not a concert for JYJ, it is a formal celebration. It is not a k-pop event intended for JYJ and the fans. In as much as they would like to assist us in having a “meet and greet” session, JYJ’s commitment is limited only for the Centennial celebration. Thus, they are requesting fans to please respect the event.


The JYJ_PH team submitted our proposed projects for JYJ and AGCEF. Please be assured that we are doing our very best to make JYJ feel that they are loved by their fans in the Philippines. Rest assured as well that all activities to be undertaken by the JYJ_PH team will represent all JYJ Lovers in the Philippines. As the AGCEF can only accommodate some of our projects, we chose those that will surely touch them and show how much we love them.


We understand that all of the Filipino fans are very excited. However, we Encourage everyone to respect the event, respect JYJ and respect AGCEF. Please refrain from stalking them and creating any ruckus or unnecessary activities that might disturb the event, the AGCEF’s prestigious guests, delegates and athletes which may reflect badly on our beloved JYJ and JYJ fans. Our team and the AGCEF will ensure the most stringent security for JYJ.


Our main goal is for them to enjoy Boracay, to feel at home and to feel our love. By simply observing proper decorum they will surely feel at ease and probably come back in the future.


While we have been given details on the event, we regret that we cannot disclose these information as they are confidential, for the security of JYJ, the AGCEF guests and delegates. Please refrain from asking us where they will stay, when they will arrive and when they will leave. Instead, please anticipate the team’s updates on the said event. We will give a thorough account on JYJ and the event.


The AGCEF team and JYJ_PH deeply appreciate your understanding and cooperation to make this a memorable event for everyone. 





  1. My support is yours JYJ_PH!!! Please represent us to show and make the JYJ feel how we, Filipinos love them so much!!!Fighting! ^_^

  2. You are all wonderful to do this for our JYJ. Just please keep us posted and make them feel your warm love. Love your site, love that you all write and speak beautiful English. Wish you all a lovely time with our JY hot babes!

  3. Awww..Thank you JYJ_PH for the effort to make JYJ happy. They should know that they have many fans in our country so that they’ll consider visiting us again in the future for a concert tour. I’ve already booked a flight to Boracay but my excitement faded knowing I’ll have a very slim chance of seeing them perform. If that’s the case so be it as it is beyond our control. I also don’t want them to have a bad impression of us as fans. I still do hope I’d have a glimpse of them as this only happens once in 10 years, I mean AGCEF and JYJ_PH can make it possible, right?

  4. Wish they could have a fan meet in the Philippines too . . . JyJ PH fighting!!!

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