[01/19/2014] JParty in the Philippines to celebrate Kim Jaejoong’s 29th Birthday


The JYJ Lovers in the Philippines held an event last Sunday, January 19, 2014 at the Drake Room of Discovery Suites in Ortigas to celebrate Kim Jaejoong’s 29th birthday. An announcement was made about a week and a half before the party and all the slots were immediately filled prompting us to request the venue to accommodate more guests.






On the day of the party, fans came early for registration. We were still setting up the venue with tarpaulin, posters, pictures, balloons, cake table, props, and prizes when attendees started arriving. Early birds were so eager to help us out. It was a fangirling, fandom bonding moment.




The program started with a prayer for Jaejoong’s good health and continued success. The afternoon was filled with fun and laughter as the attendees actively participated in the JAE-themed games prepared by the admins. The first game that took place was caled “JAEconda Match”. Chosen contestants were given the task to move the match box using eggplants tied to their waists by yarns. The first team that accomplished the task were declared winners. The next game was called “Pass the JAE Message” where participants were asked to pass the message from the lead by using gestures. The messages were actually number significant to Jaejoong – like his age and birthdate. The last game was called “Trip to J-Holic”, more like the usual Trip to Jerusalem game, with a twist. The participants were asked to dance and move like Jaejoong while his songs were playing, the admins moved the chairs around so that the contestants will also have the task of locating these seats. The winners were glad to have received lots of prizes. Raffle was conducted at intervals were prizes like TM Clear files, Jaejoong Poster, Chibi socks, JJ Tarpaulins and major prizes like MINE and WWW Albums were given away.

jparty30jparty44jparty46jparty48jparty50jparty114jparty115jparty120jparty121 jparty123 jparty124jparty126

We had group photos taken to greet Kim Jaejoong. Snacks were provided while the song selection from the Kim Jaejoong Your, My & Mine 2013 Mini Concert & Fan Meeting DVD was being played on screen. After some refreshments, we had a greeting portion wherein each attendee introduced herself and narrated to us how they became a Jaejoong/JYJ fan. It was interesting and fun to listen especially how families and friends bonded simply because of JYJ fandom.






jparty176 jparty198


The dress code for the event was ‘Kim Jaejoong’ as requested by the celebrant himself for his concerts in Nagoya and Seoul. We’ve chosen 3 guests who dressed up for the occasion and the winner who happened to be the youngest attendee was voted as best in costume. She got a Nii shirt similar to what JJ has worn. So cute!



It was delightful afternoon and absolutely all about Jaejoong. Everyone took photos of the cake table and props. We sang the Happy Birthday song in Korean, blew the candles before cutting and sharing the photocake for dessert. Each one received a J Party cupcake that had a pull out charm and JJ quote. Souvenir key chains were also given away as well as hard copy of 3R photos of THE handsome and sexy Jaejoong.





We collected fan letters and fan gifts to be brought to Seoul by the admins of “JYJ Lovers in the Philippines” when they attend Jaejoong’s birthday concert on the 26th of January. We’re so grateful to everyone who joined this event.



Continue supporting Jaejoong/JYJ and JYJ Lovers in the Philippines. Fans make everything DAE-TO-THE-BAK!!!




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