JYJ_PH’s Coffee Truck for Kim Jaejoong

We wanted to express our love and support to our dear Jaejoong at all means possible. We thought of this fan support project to reach out and make Jaejoong feel how much he is loved by his Filipino fans.

Last July 13, 2014, our Coffee Truck Support Project for Kim Jaejoong was set up at the shooting location of Triangle at 11 P.M. The staff, crew and the casts were served with hot coffee, juice and cookies from our Coffee Truck. Along with our coffee truck were messages we prepared for Jaejoong. It was reported by Mr. Kim and his staff that Jaejoong took his time reading each of our messages. Although we were not present during this project implementation, our hearts swelled knowing that Jaejoong carefully read our handwritten messages for him…and…he rewarded our team and the admins with his autograph! ^_______^

final cupsleeves




It was a very difficult and challenging experience for us because of the distance and language constraints. No one among the admins speak Korean, and unfortunately, some service providers in Korea didn’t want to entertain us. Thankfully, Mr. Kim gave us a chance. Despite the fact that he doesn’t speak English at all, he tried as much as he can to communicate with us. He was very helpful and immediately set up a schedule with Jaejoong’s manager. We waited for months as there were scheduled support projects for each shooting schedule. We almost thought this project will never take place. But like Kim Jaejoong’s character in Triangle, Heo Youngdal, we didn’t lose hope. We took the risks, against all odds, to make it happen!







We wanted to send sandwiches along with the Coffee truck but the support schedule was uncertain. The snacks need to be ready anytime the manager called, so cookies, juice and coffee were the only option. However, we didn’t stop at only cookies, of course we have to send him something that is originally from our country…hence, we thought of Kim Jaejoong’s favorite beer…San Miguel Beer!





We would like to thank our friends Tita Glo, Quellie, Maricar, Kirsteen, Midnyt, Roda, Rachelle, Melissa, Celeste, Yhel, Jen, Vina, Chow, Jenny and Jan for their support and trust that we will be able to implement this project.

We would also like to thank our resident cake master @Cake4JYJ who spearheaded this project, @boiceOUTjyjstan for the awesome graphic designs. We heard Jaejoong loved the Jeepney! Admins Lala, Cesz and Betty, who, despite their busy schedules at work exerted all their best to make this Project happen.

Most of all, we would like to thank Mr. Kim and his staff for giving us a chance and not giving up on us. [http://blog.naver.com/loverdunk]

And of course, our BIGGEST thanks to our dearest Kim Jaejoong, for continuously inspiring us to do better! We Love you Jaejoong!!! We hope we were able to convey our love to you through this project!

sticker 1



  1. Waahhh… I’m so happy to know this. At least now I know that Filipinos share the same burning passion and love I have for these boys. Lets keep the flame burning….aja! JYJ Lovers of the Philippines…daebak! you guys are the coolest! 🙂

  2. Ur all great jyj ph . . . happy to know we all love jyj 🙂

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