Park Yoochun

Also known as: 박유천, 秘奇有天 (Micky Yoochun), ユチョン (Yuchun), Micky
Height : 180cm           Weight : 64kg           Blood Type : Type O
Education : Postmodern Music, Kyung Hee University
Twitter: @6002theMicky


Park Yoochun was born on June 4, 1986 in Seoul, South Korea and later moved to Virginia, where he attended his Middle School and High School. He is the elder brother to Park Yoohwan, an actor. He was scouted by Brothers Entertainment and went back to South Korea, where he joined SM Entertainment.


Park Yoochun was the main rapper and vocalist for the group TVXQ. He was also an active composer and lyricist of the group, some of his contributions during his TVXQ days include:

  • Wrote rap Lyrics (with Junsu & YH) of “Love After Love” – Recorded in 2nd Korean Album “Rising Sun” (DBSK 2005)
  • Wrote the lyrics of “Holding Back the Tears” – Recorded in the OST “Vacation” (DBSK 2006)
  • Composed 여우비 (Fox Rain) – Performed at 1st Asia Tour “Rising Sun” (DBSK 2006)
  • Composed “Evergreen” – Recorded in SM TOWN 07 Winter Album “Only Love” (DBSK 2007)
  • Wrote the lyrics of “My Girlfriend” – Recorded in Japanese Single “Runaway/My Girlfriend” (THSK 2008)
  • Arrangement of “Rainy Night” – Recorded in Japanese Single “If…/Rainy Night” (THSK 2008)
  • Lyricist and Co-composer (with Jaejoong) “したまま、さよなら (Kiss Shita Mama, Sayonara)” – Recorded in 3rd Japanese Studio Album “T” (THSK 2008)
  • Composer & Lyricist of “사랑 안녕 사랑 (Love Bye Love) (Rap part by Junsu & YH)” – Recorded in 4th Korean Studio Album “Mirotic – C Version” (DBSK 2008)
  • Composer & Lyricist of “Kiss the Baby Sky” – Recorded in Triple-A Side Japanese Single “Bolero/Wasurenaide/Kiss the Baby Sky”, and 4th Japanese Studio Album “The Secret Code” (THSK 2009)
  • Co-composed (with Jaejoong) “Colors ~Melody & Harmony” – Recorded in Japanese single “Colors ~Melody & Harmony~ ” (Special Project with Jaejoong) (THSK 2009)
  • Wrote the rap part of “Shelter” – Recorded in Japanese single “Colors ~Melody & Harmony~ ” (Special Project with Jaejoong) (THSK 2009)

He also had collaborations and released several solo singles while in the group as follows:

  • “My Girlfriend” – Recorded in Japanese Single “Runaway/My Girlfriend”(2007)
  • “All in vain” – Recorded in OST of “Air City” (2007)
  • “여우비 (Fox Rain)” – Performed at 1st Asia Tour “Rising Sun”(2006)
  • “One last cry” – Performed at 2nd Asia Tour “O” (2007)
  • “사랑 안녕 사랑 (Love Bye Love)” – Rearranged and performed at the 3rd Asia Tour Concert “Mirotic”(2008)
  • “My Girlfriend” – Performed at “JYJ Thanksgiving Live Concert” (2010)
  • Tokyo Lovelight – Recorded in DJ Makai’s album “Stars” (2008)
  • Colors ~Melody & Harmony~/ Shelter – Recorded in Japanese single “Colors ~Melody & Harmony~ ” (Special Project with Jaejoong) (2009)
  • Heartquake ( Featured Rapper -With YH) – Recorded in Super Junior’s 3rd Album “Sorry Sorry” (2009)

Joining Jaejoong and Junsu, fellow former TVXQ members, Yoochun started his activities as part of the trio, JYJ, in June 2010. His contributions to the group and solo singing activities include the following:

  • “I Love You” (Feat. Flowsik) – Recorded in “JYJ The Beginning” Worlwide Album (2010) and performed at the 1th JYJ Worldwide Tour (2010)
  • “너를 위한 빈자리 (The Empty Space For You)” – MBC Korean Drama “Miss Ripley” OST Single and Album (2011)
  • Composer & Lyricist & Arranger of “Song With No Name Part 1″ – Recorded in 1th Korean Album “JYJ Mussic Essay – Their Rooms” (JYJ 2010)
  • Wrote the rap part of “Mission” – Recorded in 1th Korean Album “JYJ Mussic Essay – Their Rooms” (JYJ 2010)
  • Co-Lyricist (with Jaejoong) of “Get Out” – Performed in 2011 JYJ World Tour Concert in Asia (JYJ 2011) and recorded in their album “In Heaven”


Yoochun is an active actor in Korea. Even before his official debut as an actor, he already starred in the Japanese BeeTV mobile drama Beautiful Love ~君がいれば~ (Beautiful Love ~If you were here ~). He also appeared in  two TV shows Banjun Drama and Vacation of SBS in 2006 with his then TVXQ bandmates.

In 2010, Park Yoochun officially debuted as an actor in the hit 2010 KBS drama, Sungkyunkwan Scandal (성균관스캔들) playing the lead role, Lee Seon Joon, alongside Park Min Young, Song Joong Ki and Yoo Ah In. The drama received a favorable response both in and outside Korea. This earned him “Rookie of the Year Award”, “Netizens Award” and “Best Couple Award” at the 2010 KBS Drama Awards ceremony. He also won  “Best Newcomer Award” and “Most Popular Male Actor” at The 47th Baeksang Arts Awards, the most prestigious entertainment awards in South Korea. Yoochun also received  “Best Actor” and “Most Popular Asian Actor” at the 6th Seoul International Drama Awards.

In 2011, Park Yoochun starred in MBC’s Miss Ripley with Lee Da-hae, Kim Seung-woo, and Kang Hye Jung. He won “Best Newcomer” at the 2011 MBC Drama Awards and “Most Popular Actor in a TV Drama” at the 48th Baeksang Arts Awards for his role in the drama.

Yoochun’s 3rd drama was the 2012 SBS drama Rooftop Prince, alongside actress Han Ji Min, where he took on the role of Lee Gak, a Joseon era prince who time-travels 300 years to the present day, and also as Yong Tae Yong, second generation of conglomerate.


Park Yoochun is a sought-after product endorser in South Korea, his endorsements include Tio, Zelda, and Ottogi Ramen Kissmyun. He is also a model and spokesperson of  Black Smith Restaurant and Cafe an Italian restaurant in Korea. Together with JYJ, Yoochun also endorsed many various brands like Penzal Q, Nii, and Nintendo’s Mario Kart 7.

He is also a member of the celebrity soccer team, FC Men, where fellow JYJ member, Junsu is the captain.

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