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The reason why Kim Junsu had to be the one to rewrite the History of Kpop

[The following is a direct translation of the article as it appeared on Nate via Sports Chosun.]

In New York, K-pop rewrote its history.

On August 30, JYJ member Kim Junsu started his first world tour in New York’s Hammerstein Ballroom. Until now, idol groups, girl groups, and agency ‘families’ have gone on these, but Kim Junsu is the fist solo artist to start a world tour alone.

To that extent, the New York performance had a special meaning to K-pop. This was a breakthrough not only for Kim Junsu, but also for K-pop, which had been hampered by limited genres and artists.

▶ The reason why – even though he had gathered 100,000 fans before – Junsu only performed in front of 2000.

No more words are necessary. Kim Junsu is an artist that represents K-pop. The group he belongs to, JYJ, shocked not only the Japanese media but also Korean music authorities because the group gathered about 100,000 fans within two days at the concert that was held in Tokyo Dome in June 2010.

If you consider his fame, the small stage could be unfamiliar and awkward for him because the tour started in a stadium that could only hold 3000 people.

However, this was only a small part of the long-term project for Junsu to jump up to become a world star. His agency representative, Baek Chang Ju, said,

“In order to perform in many cities worldwide and not end in one-and-done performance by being overly attached to scale, he performed in a small venue. ALso, in stead of receiving guarantees from a local promoter, the company is directly investing to run the tour.” Continue reading

JYJ Junsu (Xia) Melts Hearts in New York City, with Strong Vocals and Stage Presence


Junsu“, “Junsu”, “Junsu”, chanted the crowd, at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City. Xia, also known as Junsu, sat silently upon his throne at the top of the stage observing the crowd. It was about halfway through the concert on the first stop of his 1st Solo World Tour.  The crowd continued to chant and scream for more. Xia who had just performed about 10 songs, many from his new album Tarantallegra, was calmly taking it all. The crowd had fallen in love.

At the start of the show, Xia who had been lifted unto the stage on a moving platform was dressed in a blue suit with long black boots.  He started off strong, with the first track on his new album, called “Breath.” “Breath” is a song with an urban pop theme and strong beats, to which Xia and his dancing crew seemed to move with in unison, effortlessly.


Following “Breathe,” Junsu mellowed the crowd a bit with “No Gain,” “Lullaby,” and “Intoxication,” all songs from his new album Tarantallegra. Most of the lyrics and music of the album were composed and arranged by Junsu. Junsu showed some of his brilliant creativity with a prop not seen often on a concert stage. A three-paneled mirror was placed on the stage during his performance of Intoxication, multiplying the amount of Junsu’s on stage by 4. The mirror may have helped a bit, but the crowd was already intoxicated with Junsu’s singing and dancing, before the mirror made it’s way unto stage. Continue reading

Kim Junsu’s World tour in New York: “I already saw a gleam of hope and future.”

“I already saw a small gleam of hope and future.”

JYJ Kim Junsu (XIA) who started his domestic activities as a solo singer went beyond an Asia tour and began to hold exclusive concerts in the US, South America and Europe. Before starting his World tour as a solo singer in New York on August 30, Kim Junsu held a press conference to meet with Korean and American reporters at a hotel located in Manhattan, New York on August 29 (local time).

Even though he immediately started his World tour after the Hong Kong finale concert on August 26 which concluded an Asia tour stopped by 6 countries including Korea,  he showed up with confidence and no signs of fatigue at all. In his first solo activities, he has captivated domestic and overseas fans with his androgynous image, but he laughed and said “It is my intention and I am happy to hear that I look gay but I am not gay”.

Prior to the Asia tour, last May, he released his first solo album ‘Tarantallegra’ and for the World Tour, his first English single called ‘Uncommitted’ was put on sale.

The World Tour starts off in New York on August 30, goes on to LA on Sept 2, Mexico city on Sept 6, Sao Paolo – Brazil on Sept 8, Santiago – Chile on Sept 10, then it is planned to be continued in October in Europe countries like Paris – France etc. Next, here is the Q&A with solo singer Kim Junsu. Continue reading

Hong Kong TVB’s Interview with JYJ’s Junsu


Reporter : Today we are happy to have popular group JYJ’s Kim Junsu to talk with us. Annyeonghaseyo
Junsu : Annyeonghaseyo, Da jia hou (hello everybody in Mandarin)

Reporter : I know you are coming here solo without your other members this time. Are you nervous about it?
Junsu : In compared with having 3 of us, I feel a bit lonely in some way. But this is the last stop of my Asia’s tour, I am getting more used to it now. I can now perform my concert with skill and ease, and spend some enjoyable moment with everyone. I feel excited and happy about it.
Narrator : Though Junsu has not performed in any TV series, he puts a lot of effort in his MV. Not only showing his muscles, he also takes the challenges in having female appearance

Reporter : In your solo album, apart from showing your figure, you also have a female appearance. Jaejoong also had a female appearance before, from your view, who do you think is prettier?
Junsu : It’s hard to compare who is prettier. Though you are viewing real girls, they have different styles. I think we have different styles ad bring out different female images. But if you say pretty, I will say it’s Jaejoong. Continue reading